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Chapter 33

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 33: The Angry Ning Meng Scolds Others

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    The noise could be heard from outside the doors. A man with a black suit walked into the office, striding a steady pace. He had a pair of shark-like eyes with tough and dominant facial features that exuded a steadfast aura. Before becoming a businessman, he used to be a soldier. When compared to him, Huo Beichen’s look was more exquisite, and the cold aura he had on him was nowhere to be found on Li Yichen.

    The moment their eyes fixed on each other, their powerful aura collided! That had caused Ning Meng to take a few steps backward. There was an overpowering tension in the room, to the point Ning Meng had a hard time breathing normally.

    “CEO Huo, pardon me for coming here without an invitation,” said Li Yichen.

    Huo Beichen then put up an ‘I-have-everything-under-control’ look and ordered Qi Shan, “Bring her here!”

    “Yes, boss!”

    Soon, Su Tiantian was dragged into the office. Her painful knees gave way, causing her to stumble on the ground. The tape gagging her mouth was ripped rudely off her, causing her lips to bleed.

    “How are you feeling?” asked a very furious Li Yichen as he helped her get up on her feet.

    “This is all a misunderstanding!”

    Su Tiantian was no wonder the female lead of this novel. Though she had suffered a great deal, she could still muster up enough strength to answer the question.

    “Meng Meng, I know that you hate me, but we are still family! It was just an accident. I didn’t do that on purpose! How could you do that to me?” scolded a tearful Su Tiantian as she gritted her teeth, an indicator of the excruciating pain she was experiencing.


    After today’s incident, both of them would never forgive each other no matter what.

    “Su Tiantian, not only did you refuse to apologize, you even started to scold me? Didn’t your mom teach you how to look at yourself before scolding others?! Basically, you are blaming gravity for your constipation! Now, I finally understand why your value doesn’t increase when the price of everything else in this world increased!”

    “Why?” asked Qi Shan.

    “That is because she is a shameless bitch. A shameless bitch’s value will never increase no matter what!”


    “This woman has a unique way to scold others. It’s actually quite satisfying when I listen to her scolding other people!”


    Su Tiantian’s body was shaking after hearing the things Ning Meng said about her.

    “You have no right to say that about me! I know I’m not perfect, but at least I’m honest! Look at you! You don’t even have to courage to admit to your own mistakes! Most importantly, you did not hurt me, but you’ve hurt my precious hubby! And thanks to that, my heart aches! What are you going to do if you leave a scar on my hubby’s arm?”

    After Ning Meng was finished with scolding Su Tiantian, she turned around and smiled at Huo Beichen.


    Huo Beichen, however, did not respond to her.


    Su Tiantian tried to defend herself but was abruptly cut off.

    “Shut up!” shouted Li Yichen.

    She was so shocked that she turned around and looked at him. Li Yichen then started to look at his surroundings before managing to find what he was looking for. He walked towards the pot and started to pour boiling water on his arm! Ning Meng was so shocked; she did not dare look at him.

    Beads of sweats trickled from Li Yichen’s forehead, but he dared not speak a word about it.

    “CEO Huo, are you satisfied now?” asked a husky Li Yichen while looking at Huo Beichen.