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Chapter 34

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 34: My Idol, You Are A Little Weird Today

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    The room was now in complete silence. Qi Shan and the rest of the people were extremely impressed by what he just did to resolve the matter. As for Ning Meng, she had her brows knitted together. Thus, she discovered that she did not actually hate him at all.

    After the room was left in silence for a good while, Huo Beichen finally stood up and had his eyes fixed on Li Yichen’s arm. No one in the room could figure out what was going on in his mind.

    “All good now,” said Huo Beichen.

    Now, Li Yichen could finally let out a sigh of relief. Though he had just experienced excruciating pain, he still managed to muster up enough strength to leave the room.

    “My love!” shouted Su Tiantian.

    She then went after him and attempted to hold on to his arm. Unfortunately, Li Yichen pushed her away without even thinking twice.

    “Boss, he is a tough man,” said Qi Shan after they left the place.

    “No! He’s a wolf* man!”


    “There’s a dot to the character. Hence, it makes him even tougher!”

    Qi Shan felt whatever she had just said made perfect sense. The moment Ning Meng finished, she had a sensation of someone staring at her from the back. She turned around slowly, only to discover Huo Beichen’s gaze fixed squarely on her.

    “Still, my hubby, he cannot compare to you! Your eyes are bigger than his, and your nose is also taller! Your lips are softer! Ever since I laid my eyes on you, looking at other men basically humiliates my own eyes!”


    Just as Ning Meng was about to delve deeper into him, Huo Beichen walked to his desk and said, “Get lost!”

    “Alright. I will leave now. I know you’re about to get busy soon.”

    Su Ye was waiting for her with a smile when she left the office.

    “Just now, you mentioned that you will do anything for him if he ever needs your help, right?”

    “Yes. I did say that.”

    Ning Meng had wondered why Su Ye would remember it so clearly.

    “I need you to change the boss’s medication tonight. I don’t think you will say no to this favor, right?”


    Seeing that she did not respond well to his request, Su Ye let out a long sigh. It had always been hard for Su Ye to deal with Huo Beichen. Usually, he would not listen to him, and Su Ye did not dare raise his voice at him. Finally, he could pass this problem on to someone else.

    After that, Ning Meng did not go back to the recording studio but instead went home right away. Upon reaching home, she fed little Tiantian and played with it for a while.

    Soon, the sky turned dark.

    Suddenly, the sound of opening doors was heard! Immediately, Ning Meng jumped up from the sofa and rushed to the doors with her medicinal cream in hand.

    “Hubby, time to apply the cream on your wound?” asked Ning Meng.


    Huo Beichen glared at her and did not reply. He then walked back to his room, which prompted Ning Meng to immediately go after him. Seeing that he was in a loose t-shirt with formal pants and leather shoes, Ning Meng could not help but comment on it.

    “Hubby, you look special today!”

    Huo Beichen then turned around and looked at her.

    “I mean, especially handsome!”


    “Should we apply the cream now? Let’s do it now!”


    Then, without another word, Huo Beichen returned to his bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Ning Meng finally understood now why Su Ye pitied her earlier. It was a herculean task to convince Huo Beichen to apply medicine to his wounds. Although she knew this was going to be difficult, Ning Meng had no intention of backing off. She knocked on the door, and without waiting for a reply, helped herself in.

    “Hubby, you need to…”

    Ning Meng was left in a shock before she could finish her words!

    That was because Huo Beichen, who was changing into his pajamas, had just taken off his t-shirt.