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Chapter 35

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 35: What Are You Looking At?

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    Ning Meng let out a soft gasp as she used her hands to cup her face. Nevertheless, an urge drove her to peek through the cracks of her fingers. Huo Beichen looked skinny when he had a shirt on. Now that it was removed, Ning Meng could see that he was rather muscular; every single inch of his body perfectly crafted.

    Ning Meng turned her gaze downward, an unexplained force pulling her them to the forbidden zone! Immediately, Huo Beichen used a towel to cover himself. Ning Meng was left in disappointment.

    “What are you looking at?” asked Ning Meng, somewhat abashed.

    “There is something on your body!”


    “I found a hint of handsomeness on you!”


    He lowered his head down and laid his eyes on Ning Meng. Thanks to her fair skin, he could see that her ears had flushed and the redness of her lips the obvious centerpiece on her palm-sized face. Under her slim, trimmed eyebrows, a pair of soulful eyes were unveiled.

    Suddenly, Huo Beichen could feel a warmth heating the location Ning Meng was staring at.

    “Get out!” shouted Huo, Beichen abruptly.


    Ning Meng stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. Lo and behold, just when Huo Beichen was about to take off the towel and shower, Ning Meng opened the door again and popped her head into the room.

    “Hubby, I don’t think you have eaten, right? I can cook you a bowl of tomato egg noodles, but you have to allow me to first nurse your wound.”

    Huo Beichen glared at her, not uttering a single word.

    “How about I cook for you for a week?”

    “A month.”


    A month was rather long!

    Ning Meng’s heart was softened when she saw the white bandages on his arm.


    Ten minutes later, Ning Meng was done with the cooking, and Huo Beichen was done with his shower as well. With a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair still dripped with water. He tried his best to stop the water from seeping into his bandages. Yet, despite his best efforts, it was slightly damp.

    But, it seemed he did not care at all. Seeing the noodles being laid on the table, he used his left hand to pick up chopsticks and started to gobble down the noodles. Seeing him so preoccupied with the food, Ning Meng took the opportunity to go to his right side with a first-aid box in her hand.

    “Enjoy the noodles. Let me apply some cream on your wound.”

    This time, Huo Beichen did not reject Ning Meng.

    Right before she landed her hand, Ning Meng halted in mid-air, hesitating.

    “Hubby, you are a man… can I… touch you?”


    “Haha… I’m just kidding!”

    Suddenly, she realized that Huo Beichen had been glaring at her. Immediately, she took back what she said.

    “This joke is not funny at all!”

    When she opened up the bandages, a terrifying sight greeted her. The blisters had all popped, and there were blood and pus seeping from the raw flesh. First, Ning Meng cleaned the wound with some saline water, then applied some cream on the wound before wrapping it with a new set of bandages, instinctively making a butterfly loop on them.

    Huo Beichen had his eyes fixed on the butterfly loop after Ning Meng was done with the dressing. All his ruthlessness was now gone, replaced with hollow loneliness.

    “Do you not like it? I can wrap it up again.”

    Before she could touch him, Huo Beichen stood up all of a sudden! His eyes sparkled with an endless sea of stars! After a while, he turned around and walked up the stairs with the butterfly-loop bandages on his arm. As she looked at him from the back, an infinite sadness gripped her heart.


    Seven days later.

    Huo Beichen’s arm had almost fully recovered. Feeling an improvement in his situation, he unwrapped the bandages.

    It was at that time that something significant happened in the entertainment industry! The new song Su Tiantian released had just topped the music charts!