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Chapter 36

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 36: Do You Feel Lonely Sometimes?

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    The combination of the most famous songwriter of the nation and Su Tiantian had made it possible for the song to become really popular throughout entire China.

    Ning Meng lay on the bed as she listened to what seemed like contemporary pop music. There was no way something like this would become a classic in the near future. At first, Ning Meng had no intention to go against her. All she wanted to do was to protect her father’s company. But now, as she had just hurt Huo Beichen’s arm, she had decided that she would let Tiantian suffer until the end of her life.

    Immediately, Ning Meng jumped out of bed, ready to head to her father’s company to do something about it.

    She opened the door and proceeded down the stairs.

    Today, the common area was rowdier than usual. Su Ye was checking on Huo Beichen’s arm, and the good news was that it was completely healed.

    “Boss, of all these years, this is your very first time listening to your doctor, hence the really speedy recovery!”

    Huo Beichen was sitting on the sofa reading the documents in his hand. Though he was wearing a set of casual clothes, he was still exuding an aura that dominated everyone around him.

    “All thanks to madam,” said Su Ye with a smile.

    Upon hearing that, the documents in Huo Beichen’s hand shook a little, as the corner of his lips curved into a slight smile as well.

    “Hmph! If not for her, our boss would not have gotten hurt! It’s her responsibility to take care of our boss!” said Qi Shan.

    “Yes. That’s right. I want to thank you, my hubby, for giving me the opportunity to take of him! It’s my pleasure to take good care of such a heroic and legendary man! Hubby, do you feel lonely sometimes?” asked Ning Meng while walking down the stairs.


    “There is only one of you in this world! I don’t think I can find another man like you!”

    Everyone was left speechless, astounded by the way she had licked Huo Beichen’s boots every single day. Soon after, Ning Meng left the house with merits that were given to her.


    The moment she stepped out of the door, Qi Shan went after her. Ning Meng turned around and looked at him.

    “Because of you, my boss has just canceled the contract with Su Tiantian. Hmph! In case you didn’t realize, Su Tiantian’s new song has been doing very well lately! We were supposed to save a huge amount of advertising costs!” said Qi Shan.

    “I told you all these because I want you to know that although my boss can be really icy at times, he treats you very well! I will not let you off the hook if you dare to break his heart!” Qi Shan continued angrily.

    Ning Meng’s heart was all warm after hearing what Qi Shan had told her.

    “Su Tiantian is now gone. I’m going to introduce you to someone better than her!”


    “A legendary star!”

    “Li Haojie!”

    Wait. That was simply not possible. Li Haojie was one of the most well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry. His ego alone would not allow him to become an ambassador for a company.

    “Lin Qingbei! The future star!” exclaimed Ning Meng.

    If it were not for the Huo organization, Ning Meng would have definitely not allowed Lin Qingbei to stoop so low in becoming an ambassador of a company.


    “I see you have done a lot for this boy toy!” scolded Qi Shan.

    He then went back into the house before letting Ning Meng explain the whole thing to him.

    “What happened?” asked Su Ye when he saw his angry face.

    “That woman wants us to invest our resources on a small-time celebrity called Lin Qingbei! Totally ridiculous! Many famous celebrities are dying for the ambassador position in the company because of the huge wage! Why would we let a small-time celebrity do it?”

    After listening to Qi Shan, Huo Beichen had laid his eyes on the bandages that he just took out.

    “Give it to her,” said Huo Beichen.


    Now, all Qi Shan wanted to do was to slap himself for talking too much. He had forgotten entirely that his boss was now under Ning Meng’s spell.