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Chapter 38

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 38: Beautiful Misunderstanding

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    Cao Xuehua stared at Ning Wentao in disbelief.

    “Do you know how much the whole thing costs?! How can you let Meng Meng do whatever she wants?!”

    “I have never seen Meng Meng put so much effort into doing one thing. She has really grown up this time, which is why the large amount of money that I’m about to give her is for her to gain experience! I don’t mind if she loses all of it! As long she is happy, it’s all worth it!”

    “Fine. Let me go and wire her the money now,” said Cao Xuehua with a cold smile on her face.

    She closed the door behind her as she arrived in the finance department.

    “I want you to call all the shareholders. Ask them to pay extra attention to what is about to happen to this company! Let them witness how Ning Wentao spoils her daughter with the company’s resources!”

    ‘Ning Wentao brought this unto himself! Does he think that just because he used so much money to prop up a new celebrity, it can make him a big-time star?! A never-heard-of songwriter and a new celebrity are a recipe for imminent failure! If the shareholders notice Ning Meng messing around, they would never allow Ning Meng ever to set foot in the company again!’ thought Cao Xuehua.

    Since Ning Meng had arranged everything beforehand, she managed to get everything going at the same time she received the money. Different advertisements and the front page of various mobile applications had Lin Qingbei’s new song on them. With that, she hoped it would increase the song’s popularity.

    At that moment, every single one of the staff paid their full attention to the launch date. Ning Wentao felt it more nerve-wracking than when he started his first business as he was sitting behind a group of statisticians. His eyes were glued intently on the monitor.

    People from management and marketing were in the same room as well. Soon, the place was packed with people. On the other hand, Ning Meng was comfortable on the sofa and made herself a pot of Pu’er tea to kill some time. If Su Tiantian’s song could become so famous, imagine Lin Qinbai’s song that Ning Meng copied from her era. That was why she was not nervous about it at all.

    “Meng Meng is so steady. When everyone is all so nervous, all she does is sit there and drink her tea, not a worry in the world! Not even I can do that!” said Ning Wentao.

    “CEO Ning, your daughter is going to beat you real soon!” said the manager of the marketing department.

    “You are right! Young people like her are full of fighting spirit! Lady Ning Meng is outstanding!”


    When Ning Meng lifted her head, she saw everyone giving her a thumbs up.

    Suddenly, she realized Lin Qingbei standing at her side looking at her with mixed emotions. This was his first time singing in front of a live audience. Though he knew that this song was going to become a success, he still had jitters of nervousness.

    “Are you really that confident in yourself?” asked Lin Qingbei.

    “I’m not confident in myself. I’m confident in you.”

    From the first day, he entered the entertainment industry, his family and relatives had looked down on him. They criticized him for being unrealistic. His parents had tried countless times, convincing him to look for an ordinary job instead.

    Being a star was going to be really tough. Until now, there was only one person who had faith in his dream no matter what. Lin Qingbei gazed at Ning Meng, her image reflected through his eyes. As he slid his hands into his pocket, they landed on paper that he used to abandon.

    On the piece of paper, it wrote; songwriter: Lin QB.

    Lin QB was Lin Qingbei.

    This was the song that she had written for him.

    One hour later, the statistics had returned.