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Chapter 39

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 39: Becoming Famous Too Quickly!

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    The song, Wrong Love had surpassed Su Tiantian’s song in terms of downloads and plays! It had officially claimed its throne as the most played song on the music charts! Positive reviews started to flood the media.

    “Lin Qingbei just gained 100,000 fans within an hour!”

    Everyone was lit with excitement!

    “Only one hour! Hot damn! What we did just broke the internet!”

    “One hour is not enough to get real statistics. Our current efforts boost the number of downloads and plays. We have to take a look at the data a few days after the promotions!”

    Everyone nodded their heads except for one in the room, which was skeptical about it.

    Ning Wentao was really proud of his daughter this time. He had ‘my daughter is the best’ written all over his face right now.

    “You are right. It’s only been an hour. Let’s continue to observe,” said Ning Wentao humbly.

    “Though the results are positive right now, it still can’t cover what we had invested on him!” said Cao Xuehua while frowning.

    A somewhat flustered Cao Xuehua texted her daughter immediately.

    [Your song is dropping on the charts! You need to push it back up!]

    Seeing that, Su Tiantian replied to her instantly.

    [Don’t worry. This is just the first hour. Of course, it’s all good now since they are pushing his song so damn hard. After that, people will start comparing his song and mine. Just wait, I will reclaim my throne in the next hour!]

    “In the second hour, the effects of the promotion will start to die down. You will see the graph going up and down later,” said one of the statisticians to Ning Wentao.

    At that, Cao Xuehua was relieved.

    What they did not know was that people all around the world were now talking about the song!

    “Oh, gosh! This is the best song I’ve ever come across!” someone posted in a QQ group and on WeChat.

    Soon, another hour passed.

    “Let’s take a look at the date,” said Cao Xuehua.

    Su Tiantian was after all one of the hottest artists now. Her fans had been working together, attempting to push her song to the top of the music charts within an hour. During the first hour, Lin Qingbei’s track managed to surpass Su Tiantian’s. Now, everyone expected Su Tiantian would soon reclaim the throne.

    To their surprise, however!

    Lin Qingbei was still first place and the gap between him and Su Tiantian was gradually getting wider. At that moment, everyone thought something must be wrong with the data. When the third hour arrived, the gap widened even more. And four hours after the debut, it would now be impossible for Su Tiantian to catch up with Lin Qingbei!

    On Weibo, phrases like Wrong Love and Lin Qingbei were trending, bearing the most searches!

    Until six in the evening, the team had stopped promoting the song, but the number of plays for Wrong Love was steadily increasing. In fact, Lin Qingbei’s fans were still growing in number. It was like a dream to them.

    This was all a tad too fast.

    Some celebrities got famous after only one TV show.

    No one had ever become famous because of a single song!

    In a single day, Lin Qingbei had gained millions of fans.

    He was now a legend!

    Cao Xuehua was standing at the side with her face blackened. Calling two shareholders to witness Ning Meng’s failure was a no go. Instead, they had seen a miracle! From the beginning of Lemon Entertainment, they had only managed to produce a couple of second-rate stars. And now they had their first superstar. This person was none other than Lin Qingbei. Everyone had their attention glued to him!

    All of a sudden, his presence became essential in the room. Just when everyone thought he would come up with unreasonable demands, he stood up and hugged Ning Meng instead.