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Chapter 40

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 40: It’s My Fault, Don’t Get Angry

    Something big had happened!

    Ning Meng knew that things could get worse if she crossed Huo Beichen’s line. Lin Qingbei was about to walk up to Ning Meng to say something, but Ning Meng made a blinding move! As a response to his advancement, she bent her knee and landed a hard kick on his groin! It was so painful Lin Qingbei was bent over, motionless in pain. Ning Meng was about to punch his face but stopped herself just before her fist struck skin.

    Touching his face would mean physical contact. Immediately, she looked around to find some tools. In that split second, Ning Wentao took off his leather shoes and passed it to Ning Meng.

    “Here! Ning Meng! Take it!”

    “Didn’t I tell you not to touch me?! You can only look but not touch me!” said Ning Meng as she started to slap Lin Qingbei with the leather shoes.

    Lin Qinghei covered his head and kneeled on the ground. He felt no pain from the leather shoes. The pain in his groin had overpowered everything. Still, he had a smile on his face. From the day Ning Meng forced him to be with her, she told had him that he could never touch her. He clearly knew about this rule but had broken it regardless.

    The only thing on his mind right now was Ning Meng’s fragrance and the softness of her body when he hugged her. Considering that, he felt that the beating he got was all worth it.

    “Stop! Don’t hit him anymore!”

    The shareholders were getting really nervous. They wanted to stop Ning Meng from hitting Lin Qingbei. After all, Lin Qingbei was going to make them a lot of money in the future. He might just cancel the contract if he felt that the company did not treat him well. There were a lot of other companies out there willing to take their place.

    However, they were stopped by Ning Wentao. He stood with one leg, with the other up in the air, trying desperately to keep his balance!

    “Beat him up! How dare he takes advantage of my daughter! Hit him!”

    That had rendered all the shareholders speechless.

    After giving him a good beating, Ning Meng finally stopped hitting. Immediately, all the shareholders rushed to Lin Qingbei, helping him up to his feet.

    “Damn! Look at this mess! Lady Ning Meng is still young. She is immature. Let us apologize to you on behalf of her!”

    “And for the contract… perhaps you can look at it again. We can talk if you are happy with the terms…”

    Lin Qingbei stood up, tidied up his shirt, and stared at Ning Meng.

    He then said, “No need.”

    That had caused the shareholders to go into a nervous panic.

    “What do you mean by no need? Does that mean you want to cancel the contract?”

    “No! No! We will double whatever the other companies offer you!”

    Both of the shareholders had decided that they would do whatever it took to keep Lin Qingbei in their company. They were worried that Lin Qingbei would leave because of what Ning Meng had just done to him.

    “This is all my fault! Please… don’t be mad,” said Ling Qingbei.

    At that, both the shareholders were left speechless.

    Ning Meng was still trying to catch her breath. She suddenly realized that what Lin Qingbei could get her into huge trouble.

    “You are now allowed to cancel the contract!” said Ning Meng.


    “You are now allowed to change the contract too! The company will take 90% of what you make!”


    “And, you are now allowed to switch companies! Stay here with us. Keep writing your songs and publish your albums!”


    Lin Qingbei was sincere as he was admitting his own mistakes. Owing to that, Ning Meng wasn’t angry anymore. After that, she turned around and left the room.

    “Meng Meng!” shouted Ning Wentao.

    “Dad, don’t worry! Did something happen?”

    “No, but I need you to return me my leather shoes.”