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Chapter 41

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 41: Hubby, Can You Talk More?

    Ning Meng glanced at the leather shoe in her hand and tossed it on the ground.

    After seeing her father putting it back on, Ning Meng looked at her hand in a disgusted manner.

    Dad, do you have stinky feet?”


    Immediately, Ning Meng ran to the bathroom and washed her hands with soap until there were lots of suds. At that moment, she could not help but shake in fear when she thought about Huo Beichen’s intimidating anger.

    Was Huo Beichen going to peel her skin off because of the hug?

    Ning Meng let out a sigh and walked out of the bathroom after drying her hands.

    “Dad, is it possible to keep what just happened from Huo Beichen?” asked a wishful Ning Meng.

    Right after Ning Meng came up with the question, her cellphone rang. She looked at it, ignoring the call entirely. However, the person calling freaked her so out much that she almost tossed her cellphone away!

    “Huo Beichen?” asked Ning Wentao.

    “Is it better that I miss his call?”

    “Sure, you can do that but prepare to die a horrible death!”


    After mustering up enough courage, Ning Meng pressed the button to answer his call.

    “Come home!” ordered Huo Beichen in a deep voice.

    Huo Beichen immediately hung up the call.


    “Dad, what should I do now?” asked Ning Meng while hanging on Ning Wentao’s sleeve, on the verge of tears.

    “Should I just die now and reincarnate into another person?”


    “Don’t worry. Meng Meng. Just go handle him first. I will come to rescue you later!” said Ning Wentao while pushing her out of the door. Such was the reassurance a father should really give his daughter.


    At a crucial moment like this, she felt like her father was not reliable at all.


    Back in the villa.

    Ning Meng parked her car outside and opened the door to the villa as gently as possible. She wanted to check out the villa first.

    There was nobody on the sofa and also in the dining area.

    Ning Meng proceeded to the backyard. Immediately, Little Tiantian jumped at her to welcome her! Still, she did not manage to find Huo Beichen. She then turned around and looked up. Huo Beichen was standing at his study room’s balcony, holding a cup and staring at her like a statue.


    Ning Meng was so scared she almost fell to the ground when she realized that Huo Beichen was silently looking at her.


    Ning Meng mustered enough courage to wave a smile at him. Once again, Huo Beichen did not say a single word. He still had his eyes glued on Ning Meng as he sipped the tea in his cup.

    “What tea are you drinking?” asked Ning Meng.

    Huo Beichen looked at his cup of tea once again.

    Ning Meng knew that he was not a talkative person. Two days ago, she had noticed the tea on his table when she helped him to tend to his wound.

    “This must be Longjing Tea, right? Only Longjing from Westlake can match with your temperament! The tea’s bitterness symbolizes your maturity. The more you taste it, the better you feel.”


    “Hubby, can you please talk to me? If you talk more, I will be able to appreciate you in a better way.”


    “Come up.”

    Seeing that Ning Meng was about to talk more, he could not help but ask her to go to her study room. She moved her legs unconsciously, entered the villa, and walked to his study room. Upon pushing the study room’s door open, she was overcome with fear as she walked in.