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Chapter 42

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 42: You Are In My Heart

    Huo Beichen was still standing at the balcony with the cup of tea in hand. There was a small table beside him with a pot of tea sitting on it. The fragrance of the tea had flooded the entire room. Ning Meng walked towards him, careful to stay about five steps away.

    “What’s the matter?”

    Suddenly, Huo Beichen aggressively paced towards her. Ning Meng was so terrified she took a few steps back.

    “This is all my fault! I better go shower now!”

    Huo Beichen then halted in his steps.

    “I will clean myself thoroughly! I will scrub myself ten times over? A hundred times?”

    Huo Beichen frowned at that.

    “Come over here,” said Huo Beichen while glaring at her.

    He then walked past her to his table.

    Ning Meng wondered why Huo Beichen would ask her to his table. She imagined Huo Beichen pulling out a gun from the drawer and shooting her point-blank in the head – much like the plot of a TV series.

    The more Ning Meng thought about it, the more afraid she was. However, she did not dare to go against his will. All she could do was cry and start to beg.

    “Hubby, my idol, can you forgive me? You are a great man with a big heart! Please don’t stoop down to my level…” she cried.

    Suddenly, she heard him calling out for her.

    “Come and sign.”

    Ning Meng’s mind blanked for a moment.


    She shut her mouth when she saw a set of documents on the table.

    It was a set of endorsement papers.


    “So, you called me back to sign these?”

    “You’re unwilling?”

    “No… No… I’m very much willing to do so!”

    Immediately, she rushed to the table and saw that the Huo organization wanted to make Lin Qingbei their ambassador. Without thinking twice, Ning Meng signed the documents.

    “You should have told me that you want me to sign these documents! I was so afraid of you just now… damn it…” mumbled Ning Meng.

    Suddenly, she could feel a chill running through her spine.

    “I’m saying that you are an absolutely lovely person.”


    “Why did you talk about showering just now?” asked Huo Beichen.

    “I feel it’s disrespectful of me if I don’t shower first before talking to you. After all, you are an angel from the heavens!”


    “You have to know that you are always in my heart.”


    “Hubby, you should carry on with whatever you were doing. I’m going to go shower. I’m not worthy of talking to you since I’m filthy now.”

    After that, Ning Meng left Huo Beichen’s study and rushed to her own chambers.

    She then took out her cellphone to check the message that Ning Wentao had sent, secretly overjoyed she still got to keep her life.

    [Meng Meng, how’s everything?]

    [I thought Huo Beichen would know everything about me. It seems like he doesn’t know what happened just now.] Ning Meng replied in a relaxed manner.

    What she did not know was that someone had contacted Huo Beichen the moment she left his study.

    “Boss, some reporters have managed to snap a picture of your wife and Lin Qingbei. They are about to publish it. Do you want me to deal with them?”

    “Send me the picture now!” screamed Huo Beichen in a mighty rage.

    “Yes, boss!”