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Chapter 44

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 44: Tibetan Mastiff, Little Tian Tian

    Ning Meng felt as if she had just walked into a giant freezer! She finally realized that Huo Beichen knew what had happened between her and Lin Qingbei.

    “Listen to me! Nothing is going on between Lin Qingbei and me. We…” began an emotional Ning Meng.

    “I’m not interested in your past relationships!” snapped Huo Beichen, interrupting her explanation.

    Ning Meng was now absolutely terrified of him. While she was still mulling over how to explain herself better, she was being dragged to the first floor with force. Huo Beichen was strong, and no matter how much she struggled, it was to no avail.

    What was he going to do?

    Was he going to kill her?

    Immediately, Ning Meng’s mind gravitated toward him, brutally torturing her.

    “Huo Beichen, you’re hurting me! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Let me go!”

    Unfortunately, Huo Beichen had no intention to release her. When they almost reached the first floor, a sound could be heard from the door that led to the backyard.

    A giant creature was running towards them! All Ning Meng saw was a shadow running across her. Immediately, Huo Beichen loosened his grip, and Ning Meng fell to the ground.

    She saw Little Tian Tian standing in front of her, ready to attack Huo Beichen!


    Huo Beichen had his fist ready. He was glaring at Little Tian Tian with his murderous stares. His furious demeanor was proof that his rage had greatly magnified.

    “Get lost!” shouted Huo Beichen.

    Little Tian Tian’s body was shaking did not move away from Ning Meng.

    After a few seconds of a staring contest, Little Tian Tian lost to Huo Beichen. She lay down on the ground and looked at Huo Beichen with puppy eyes. She then started to howl, begging Huo Beichen to let Ning Meng go.

    Huo Beichen’s eyes contracted, and he slowly loosened up his fist. Sitting on the ground, Ning Meng did not dare to even breathe. She thought Huo Beichen was supposed to be Little Tian Tian’s master. It was strange that the dog protected her instead.

    Naturally, this had angered Huo Beichen even more.

    Suddenly, Huo Beichen stopped glaring at her. It seemed like he had just changed his mind.

    “She needs to be punished!” said Huo Beichen in a husky voice while trying his very best to suppress his anger.


    Little Tian Tian responded with howls and tugged on Ning Meng’s sleeve lightly.

    “Do you want me to follow you?” asked Ning Meng.

    As Little Tian Tian could not speak, he started to circle Ning Meng as a gesture that he was nervous. Ning Meng stood up, loosened up her sleeves, and went upstairs. When she turned around to look at Huo Beichen, she could still a black aura surrounding him like a demon.

    Without second thoughts, Ning Meng ran up the stairs with Little Tian Tian beside her. She would rather face whatever punishment was in store for her than to face Huo Beichen. As she approached her room, Little Tian Tian stood up and opened the door for her like a gentle butler.


    Little Tian Tian locked the door and looked at her, wagging her tail profusely.


    “So, the punishment is being grounded? That means I will not be tortured by Huo Beichen!”

    Little Tian Tian could not understand what she was talking about. So, she bit her sleeve and dragged her to the sofa. Little Tian Tian then went around the room and brought Ning Meng the remote control for the TV. After that, she obediently lay down beside her.


    Ning Meng thought that she would be killed when she saw Huo Beichen throwing a tantrum in front of her. Now, she was totally fine being grounded by him.