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Chapter 48

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 48: At Least He Is Handsome

    Huo Beichen had almost forgotten about the six-year contract. He signed it six years ago only because…

    He did not dare to think about the reason, as everything that happened back then did not matter to him anymore. His hand was hanging in the air while listening to the conversation between Ning Meng and Ning Wentao.

    Inside the room.

    Ning Meng was left speechless. It was true that Huo Beichen could be really scary sometimes. Until now, she still could not figure out why he would marry her. There must be some dark secrets beneath it. One thing was sure that Ning Meng would most likely not divorce Huo Beichen. After all, he was a powerful individual. She could basically get whatever she wanted as long as she licked his boots and toed the line.

    “No to divorce!” said Ning Meng.

    Hearing that, Huo Beichen was massively relieved.

    “Why not? Huo Beichen is really unstable. He is ruthless and merciless! I can’t even spot a good thing about him!” said a visibly distraught and fearful Ning Wentao.

    “Well… I don’t think so. At least he’s very handsome.”


    Ning Wentao was left speechless. This was not the first time Huo Beichen had been complimented by others, almost able to imagine Ning Meng’s boot-licking face. With those sweet words, that ruthlessness around him seemed to almost disappear entirely.

    “So what if he is handsome? Can a handsomeness feed you?”

    “No matter what, I will not divorce him. He treats me quite well. Don’t you worry.”

    “Define quite well. Tell me everything.”

    “He swears that he will treat me better in the future… he says… from today onward, he will only pamper me. He also said that he would never lie. Everything that will come out from his mouth will be only truths. He will not bully or scold me and will even protect me if I’m bullied! He will be happy with me when I’m happy, and when I’m sad, he will find ways to make me happy again. He also said that I’m the most beautiful woman that he’d ever met… I’m the only person he’d always been dreaming of!”


    Ning Wentao was utterly speechless.


    On the other hand, Huo Beichen was left in confusion.

    “Is that what he said? I find it really hard to believe. Leave that aside, you have to file for a divorce…” said Ning Wentao.

    Before he could finish his sentence, the door blasted open. Ning Wentao stood up immediately when he saw Huo Beichen coming into the room.

    “My son-in-law is a very understanding person. He is a busy man. Make sure to give him some space,” he indicated to his daughter.

    After that, Ning Wentao tidied up his suit, took out his cellphone, and put it beside his ear.

    “What? Okay, I get it. I will come back right now! My son-in-law and Meng Meng, I have to take my leave first… there are a bunch of things for me deal with at home. They really need me. It seems like my presence is really important to them…”

    Seeing that he was holding his cellphone upside down, a twitch formed on Ning Meng’s mouth. She admitted that she was a coward, but surely, this had made her father a bigger coward than her. Now, they were the only two left in the room.

    “Hubby, what’s up?”

    Huo Beichen did not utter a single word. All he did was glare at her. Picking up the tray, he silently left the room. After walking for a few steps, Huo Beichen stopped moving.

    “You are no longer grounded,” said Huo Beichen.


    Though she was no longer grounded, Ning Meng still stayed home for a few days. Usually, Huo Beichen would leave the house early in the morning and return late. In other words, it was rare for them to cross paths with each other in the house — these were her peaceful moments.

    Since she had nothing to do at home, Ning Meng decided to draw the second season of Lifebloom.

    One fine day, as she was painting, her cellphone rang.

    “Lady Ning Meng, there’s something wrong in the company!”