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Chapter 49

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 49: She Is An Angel

    There was a huge argument going on in the meeting room when Ning Meng arrived at the company.

    “Letting Lin Qingbei star in advertisement’s like this is no different from completely ruining his career! I don’t agree with it!” the manager, Bro Qiao, angrily screamed.

    The few who sat in front of him were high-ranked cooperate members and Cao Xuehua. As Ning Wentao was not there to oversee the whole thing, a commotion had broken out.

    “We have just spent millions on his campaign! So, why can’t he do the advertisement? Tell me then. Only when will he start making money for the company?” asked Cao Xuehua with a cold smile.

    “Right now, he is still a really popular icon. Nobody will know when will he stop being famous. We should really take advantage of this golden opportunity to make as much as money as possible!” said one of the high-ranked members.

    “I’m not against him, starring in an advertisement. I’m against these kinds of immoral commercials!” snapped the manager.

    “What’s wrong with this commercial? He will be collaborating with a top-tier actress! She doesn’t find the advertisement degrading. So, what gives him the right to be so haughty? Moreover, Lin Qingbei himself said he is fine with it,” said Cao Xuehua.

    The manager was left speechless. Upon hearing that, Ning Meng was extremely displeased. Immediately, she strolled to the meeting room and barged in without knocking! Everyone’s attention immediately turned to her.

    The manager, on the other hand, was relieved when he saw Ning Meng coming to the rescue. The very first thing she looked at was the product endorsement contract placed on the table. The product that Lin Qingbei was asked to endorse was a sanitary pad brand.


    This product was meant for a female, which was why the top-tier actress was fine with endorsing it. Asking Lin Qingbei to be a part of it was simply pointless.

    “So, you agree with it?” asked a stern Ning Meng.

    From the moment Ning Meng stepped into the meeting room, Lin Qingbei’s eyes were lit with excitement. He nodded his head as a response.

    “What’s your zodiac sign? Cucumber or screw?”


    “Do you want me to bash or twist you?”


    “Did you even listen to what I told you earlier? I told you that all you need to do is focus on singing. Ignore everything else! How can you say yes to this kind of product endorsement? This commercial will turn into your worst nightmare when you become more famous in the future!” said Ning Meng.

    “Boss Cao said that the company has invested a lot of money in me. I feel bad for not doing what she asks me to,” replied Lin Qingbei.

    It dawned on Ning Meng that Cao Xuehua was actually trying to sabotage Lin Qingbei.

    “Do you really believe what she told you? Don’t you know that she’s actually an angel?”


    Everyone was left bewildered when they heard Ning Meng’s statement.

    “She’s a pile of shit that dropped from heaven!”


    “Lin Qingbei, I want you to stay the hell away from her! Do not take this job! Understood?!” said Ning Meng while tapping on the table.

    Ning Meng’s face was really close to Lin Qingbei’s. Her eyes were wide open as she talked to him. The corners of her eyes were slightly curved giving her a furious yet seductive vibe at the same time. Lin Qingbei found that this made her really adorable. He had avoided eye contact with her because his face was now flushed.

    “Understood.” said Lin Qingbei.

    “Meng Meng, what do you mean by that?!” shouted Cao Xuehua.

    “I’m truly sorry. I was speaking in a human language just now. No wonder you can’t understand me.” said Ning Meng sarcastically with a smile while standing straight.


    She was surprised that this stepdaughter of hers was getting better at her jabs and insults.

    “Lin Qingbei is famous now, but I feel he still needs to work on himself more to become even more famous! This product endorsement that I got for him is the best! Is he going to sing for our company every single day if he pushes this job away? I believe no one here will agree to that!” said Cao Xuehua while trying to suppress her anger.

    Everyone then nodded their heads. All of them wanted him to make money for the company as soon as possible.

    Just as Cao Xuehuan was about to embarrass Ning Meng by pulling everyone to her side, she heard Ning Meng speak again.

    “Who told you that there are no better product endorsements?”