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Chapter 51

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 51: Too Good At Acting

    Cao Xuehua shouted out loud as her face turned pale!

    “No again?” asked Ning Meng, her tone rife with sarcasm.

    “You can choose any other movie, but not this one!”

    “Why not?”

    Shifting to Mars was a famous sci-fi movie in China. It talked about the drastic overpopulation problem humanity would face in twenty years. As a solution, a portion of the population was chosen to move to Mars. Usually, sci-fi movies were less popular in China.

    “A few years ago, it was expected that this movie would eventually flop. No one in their right mind would invest in its production. In the end, the director himself had to come up with his own money to complete the production. And now, they need money to promote this movie. It’s been a month, and they have not gotten any response from investors. Investing in them is no different from literally burning money!”

    “Are you sure no one will watch it?”

    If Ning Meng did not know about the plot of the movie, she might have believed the lie she just heard. It was true that the film had been bashed by many. However, the male protagonist, Li Yichen, had predicted it would eventually hit the box office. So, he finally put his investments in it.

    “Yes! Yes!” said Cao Xuehua in a dodgy manner.

    “I heard that Su Tiantian is going to work together with them. How come? As a mother, how can you not know about it?”

    It seemed like Li Yichen had passed on the investment business to Su Tiantian. However, Su Tiantian had no sympathy for them, dumping stocks at a low price until it became worthless. This had been going on for a month now.

    If she remembered correctly, the movie, Shifting to Mars would reach its final threshold tomorrow. No theatres would play it if no one invested in them. The producer would eventually be forced to sell the movie rights to Su Tiantian at a dirt-cheap price.

    To their surprise, the movie was a huge success. In an unexpected turn of events, the producer got only a small portion of the movie profits. Su Tiantian was the one that had pocketed the tens of millions in profit. Ning Meng felt this made Su Tiantian extremely inhumane. She did not help them out, but Instead, made use of this opportunity to rob them off.

    “Who told you that? Your information sounds really unreliable!” asked an apprehensive Cao Xuehua when he saw that Ning Wentao started to suspect her.

    “My husband told me about it.”


    No one would dare to question Huo Beichen. The name Huo Beichen’s had managed to shut Cao Xuehua up.

    “Why did Su Tiantian invest in this movie?” asked Ning Wentao.

    “Tiantian is not staying with us right now. I’m not too sure about that,” answered Cao Xuehua, acting like she had nothing to do with it.

    “Aunty, you know you are the best actress in this world?”

    Cao Xuehua and Ning Wentao could not get what Ning Meng was trying to say.

    “You are so good at telling lies with a straight face!”



    “I don’t care! You can’t pick this movie!” shouted Cao Xuehua.

    This was her first time getting angry at Ning Wentao. After that, she left the room without saying a word. As she arrived at the doorstep, she turned around and glared at Ning Meng. She then slammed the door shut as a clear indication to them of her displeasure.

    “Meng Meng, for the sake of our family’s peace. I think we should not carry on with this investment,” said Ning Wentao while picking his ear with a finger.


    Since young, the only time Ning Wentao went against her wishes was to force her to learn drawing. Saying no to the investment was the second time Ning Wentao did not do as she wished.


    “Long story…”

    “Summarize it for me then.”


    It seemed that Ning Wentao was embarrassed by the reason behind it.