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Chapter 52

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 52: Is There Something Wrong?

    Seeing that Ning Meng would not give up until she got the answer that she wanted, Ning Wentao sighed and decided to tell her everything.

    “This is an ancient story. I can still remember that I was handsome, manly, and muscular at that time.”

    “Get to the point!”

    “The point is that even if we want to invest in this movie, aunt Mei Lin will not accept our money! This would surely complicate matters for our family.”

    “Who is aunt Mei Lin?”

    “She is the producer of Shifting to Mars.”

    “OH! I understand now. She was your lover!”

    Like father like daughter. When Ning Wentao was young, he had fallen in love with multiple women at once. He strayed from the right path for years until he met Ning Meng’s mother.

    “Many women who cried for me at home the day I married your mother…”

    “Are you proud of that?”

    “Of course…”

    Immediately, Ning Meng glared at him.

    He then pretended to cough and quickly defended himself.

    “No… No… No… The only woman that I have ever fallen in love with was your mother!”

    Unfortunately, Ning Meng’s mother passed away at a very young age.

    “I have no intention to remarry again. Anyway, this is all so unexpected. I think we should just call this investment off. I don’t want your aunt Mei Lin to get jealous later,” said Ning Wentao as he thought about his late wife.


    “Fine. I just pity aunt Mei Lin.”

    Ning Wentao did not say a single word after that. Instead, he straightened up and listened to what Ning Meng had to say.

    “To make it possible for theatres to play this movie, aunt Mei Lin gave everything she had to pay for the production. And now, despite all that, she has to beg everyone around her to help promote the movie! I can’t believe Su Tiantian is cold-hearted enough to threaten her… It’s useless talking about it anymore. I’m going to take my leave first.”

    “Meng Meng, how did Su Tiantian threaten her?”

    Ning Wentao stood up from his chair and walked to Ning Meng.

    “Su Tiantian agreed to give her 20 million yuan to promote her movie, but in return, she wants a 90% share of the movie’s profits!”

    “Bastard! What a shameless move!”


    Ten minutes later, in the meeting room.

    Ning Wentao was sitting on the chair looking absolutely furious.

    “We have decided to invest in Shifting to Mars!” announced Ning Meng.

    “Meng Meng, investing in a movie is no small matter. This involves millions of yuan. This cannot be rushed!” said a resolute Cao Xuehua to all the shareholders.

    Suddenly, all the shareholders took Cao Xuehua’s side when they heard that this was a rushed decision.

    “That’s right! Sci-fi movies have always been unpopular! Why should we invest in this risky proposition?”

    “We are talking about millions of yuan! We cannot simply barge through this!”

    It was evident that all the shareholders were against investing in this movie.

    “I’m not messing around. I know this movie will become a great success!” said Ning Meng.

    “You are still young and inexperienced! We won’t agree to it!”

    Ning Meng knew that there was no way she could convince them. In other words, it was impossible to invest in a movie if they didn’t agree to.

    “Let’s set an agreement then,” said Ning Meng.


    “If this movie fails to sell well, my father will resign from this company!” said Ning Meng confidently without reprise.

    “My daughter is the epitome of dominance!”

    Suddenly, Ning Wentao realized that there was something very, very wrong with the statement suggested by Ning Meng.