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Chapter 53

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 53: I’m A Germaphobe

    “You are the one who made that promise, why did you tell them that I will resign if you fail to fulfill your side of the deal?” asked Ning Wentao darkly.

    “My position means nothing to the company. As compared to me, your position is crucial. That’s why I used your name here!” replied Ning Meng.

    “No doubt about that.”

    “What do you guys think about my proposal?”

    Immediately, all the shareholders were lit with excitement. Using twenty million to buy the CEO position was a pretty good deal, actually. Once Ning Wentao resigned from this company, they would have all its managing power.

    “We agree to it!”

    Just when Cao Xuehua was about to stop them from doing so, they voiced out their decision.


    The shareholders were worried that Ning Wentao might go back on his words. Immediately, they took out a piece of paper and wrote on everything in black and white. They then asked him to sign on it before leaving the meeting room.

    “Meng Meng, am I going to be forced to resign from my own company?”

    “Dad, I’m going to talk to aunt Mei Lin about investing in her movie right now!”

    “I’m afraid that you will only be greeted with disappointment. Four years ago, she wanted to produce a movie that your father wanted to invest in. Unfortunately, she turned him down without even thinking twice,” said Cao Xuehua in a furious manner.

    “Stop talking to me. I have germophobia.”


    After that, Ning Meng rushed to Mars Entertainment as fast as she could. It was located on the fifth floor of an office building. The structure looked like it was in a sad state, and it would seem that a lot of people had quit the corporation. There were only a few people left in the office.

    Ning Meng stood at the front desk for a while, having no one to tend to her. So, she decided to walk into the office without permission. Suddenly, she heard Su Tiantian’s voice coming out of the meeting room.

    “CEO Han, what are you waiting for?”

    Ning Meng then turned around and saw two persons facing each other in the meeting room. Su Tiantian was sitting there with four men in black suits. She was wearing a pair of shades coupled with a long gown. She definitely looked like she had come prepared.

    Opposite her was a well-kept middle-aged woman. Her makeup was intact, to say the least, with her lips painted in a shade of black. With the dominating aura exuding from her, Ning Meng knew that she was Han Meilin.

    “I don’t like the price,” said Han Meilin.

    “I have taken a step back. I’m now using twenty million yuan to buy 80% of your shares.”

    Ning Meng frowned when she heard her offer. Su Tiantian was supposedly coming here in two days. Not only was she already here right now, she even increased the amount that she offered to Han Meilin. It seemed like she was eager to take the project.

    In other words, Cao Xuehua had told her everything that had happened recently. Ning Meng was glad that she did not delay her trip here.

    “Four years ago, I came up with three-hundred million to produce the movie. And here you are, trying to use only twenty million to buy 80% of my shares?! Dream on!”

    “Problem is, you can’t even spare twenty million to promote your movie. That would mean you have wasted three-hundred million to produce it! It’s been four years, and all you have managed to come up with is a piece of crap! CEO Han, you have to know that no one will help you except for us! In other words, you have to beg us!” said Su Tiantian with the utmost arrogance while slipping off her shades and looking right into Han Meilin’s eyes.

    The thing that had managed to anger Han Meilin was Su Tiantian’s staff, who sat beside her, trying to convince her to take the deal.

    “Boss, you should just sell it!”

    “We can’t show it in the cinema if we don’t take the offer!”

    “We have not received our salary for half a year! For our sake, please take the deal!”