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Chapter 54

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 54: A Dog That Relies On Its Master

    Han Meilin gripped her fist so hard that her nails penetrated her skin. She was furious that a small-time celebrity had just disrespected her in such a great way. Seeing that Han Meilin was deeply embarrassed, she felt like she had achieved something great. Han Meilin used to be a dominant player in the entertainment industry, and now Su Tiantian had just overpowered her.

    “If CEO Han still feels that my offer is not fair for you, we can just call it off.”

    After that, she stood up and prepared to leave the meeting room.

    “Don’t go! Don’t go!”

    The staff of Mars Entertainment looked nervously at each other watching they money walk out the door.

    “Please allow our boss some time to think about it,” said the staff with a smile.

    “I’m showing all of you mercy by investing in your movie! I’m not sure a stupid movie like this can even earn 20 million. You are right. I think I need some time to think about it as well.”

    Han Meilin lifted her head. Her four years’ worth of effort was just trashed by someone that she barely knew. She would have confronted the person if she was still the old her. She could ignore the 300 million yuan that she invested in this movie, but she evidently had no right to ask her staff to suffer with her.

    Left with no other options, Han Meilin knew what she was going to do.

    “Fine… I…” said Han Meilin with a shaky voice.

    Suddenly, someone barged into the meeting room! The woman had a curvaceous body and was gorgeous. Her facial features were so well crafted; she gave off an impression of flowers that had just bloomed at the beginning of spring. Though she looked rather seductive, her pair of big, round eyes managed to make her look like an innocent girl. Initially, Han Meilin wanted to chase her off but her anger ceased when she took a good look at her.

    “Hi, Aunt Meilin. Hey? Aren’t you supposed to be the stepdaughter of my family? I heard you got in deep with some mafia boss. Messing with you is not a good idea,” said Ning Meng.

    Su Tiantian was proud and happy when she heard what Ning Meng just said.

    “Personally, I respect Mr. Li a lot. To me, he is like a god! I’m really curious right now. How do you feel when you have a powerful person like him as your master?”


    After some time, Su Tiantian figured out what Ning Meng was trying to say.


    “Damn! Stop being so angry! The way you look right now reminds me of something!”


    “A dog that relies on her master.”


    Ning Meng was so pissed that she was left speechless. No one dared say a single word after Ning Meng angered Su Tiantian. Finally, Han Meilin could not hold on to her laughter anymore.

    “Meng Meng, I have not seen you for years! Why are you suddenly here? Hahahaha…” asked Han Meilin.

    “I’m here to talk business.”

    This shocked Han Meilin so much that her loud laughter was no more.

    “What now? Ning Meng, did your dad think that his ex-lover had a hard time getting by, so he decided to donate 20 million to her?” said Su Tiantian.

    Judging by Han Meilin’s character, she would definitely not accept the offer. Just when she was about to reject it, Ning Meng voiced out.


    Ning Meng then looked at Han Meilin and said, “We are going to invest 100 million in your movie!”