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Chapter 55

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 55: Giving Ning Wentao Good News

    Of course, Ning Wentao could donate 20 million to his old lover. However, it was definitely not possible for him to give her 100 million for free. That made everything that Su Tiantian said to become invalid.

    “Did you just said 100 million?!” asked Han Meilin.

    “Yes. You heard that right. If 100 million is not enough, I can talk to my father about adding another 500 million to it.”

    While Ning Meng was on the way here, she had already figured out an amount to offer Han Meilin. Ning Meng knew that Shifting to Mars was going to become the most successful sci-fi movie in China. It was indeed far from perfect as Meilin lacked funds to fix all its flaws. Now that Ning Meng had offered a vast sum of money to perfect the movie, Meilin would get to fulfill her lifelong dream.

    “That is enough! But why would you do that?” asked an increasingly bewildered Han Meilin.

    No one around her had much faith in her production. Owing to this, four years ago, she had to withdraw 300 million from her personal account as funds gradually dried up.

    Just as the movie was almost ready for a public screening, Han Meilin started to doubt herself. Worst-case scenario, it should make at least tens of millions.

    Considering all that, she would not sustain many losses if Su Tiantian was going to pay 20 million in purchasing 80% of the movie’s shares.


    100 million…

    “I know that the movie is going to become a huge success!” said Ning Meng in a confident manner.

    Hai Meilin’s heart warmed up when she heard Ning Meng’s encouraging statement.

    “Hahaha… Ning Meng, a huge investment like that is not for you to fool around. Does your father know about this?” asked Su Tiantian.

    Instantly, the pleasant atmosphere between Han Meilin and Ning Meng was broken.

    “Su Tiantian, truth to be told, I’m really impressed by your mother.”


    “Where did she find the courage to give birth to a piece of trash like you?”


    “I’m here today representing the entire Lemon Entertainment! It’s up to me to make all the company’s decisions on their behalf. Do you know what it means? Oh, wait, you don’t. That’s because your mom had forgotten to grant you a brain when she gave birth to you.”


    “The movie has a very limited target market! Everyone knows that it’s not going to become some huge blockbuster. I can’t believe that you are stupid enough to invest so much money in it!” said Su Tiantian.

    “Well… Look at yourself then. I’m actually fine if you’re ugly, but it seems your heart is just as ugly as your stupid face. That I cannot accept!”

    “Fine! Fine! Fine! I shall watch your family go broke since you insist on investing so much money in this!”

    From the very beginning, Su Tiantian had zero faith in the movie. The only reason why she invested was that Li Yichen was a big fan of sci-fi movies. She would not simply come up with 100 million yuan to fight with Ning Meng if Han Meilin had refused to take her 20-million-yuan offer.

    After that, Su Tiantian left the place in a rush, afraid that Ning Meng would scold her again. Finally, some peace and quiet ensued in the meeting room.

    “Aunt Meilin, Let’s talk about the money now.”

    She expected to use 100 million to buy 25% of the movie’s shares. That was definitely a very fair deal. To her surprise, Han Meilin wrote ‘50%’ in the contract she had prepared.

    “I’m not allowed to bully a junior like you. I have to make sure that you look good in front of your company.”

    “Thank you, Aunt Meilin.”

    Ning Meng had no intention to reject Meilin’s generosity. After that, she took out her cellphone, intending to tell the good news to her father.