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Chapter 56

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 56: A Storm Of Tears

    “Hello,” said Ning Wentao, who seemed saddened.

    “Dad, what are you doing?”

    “I’m clearing my stuff. I will try to bring all the things with me when I resign from the company. How’s everything going on your side? What is the color of Han Meilin’s lips?”

    “It’s black. Why?”

    “You are so dead! Come back immediately! The color of her lips represents her current mood. Black means she is in a really foul mood. She is like a walking time bomb right now.”


    Considering that she had talked to Su Tiantian earlier, it was only natural that she was in a bad mood.

    “Don’t worry. All is done now!”

    “Hold on! Did you just make a successful deal with Meilin? My good daughter, you are too good! How much of the stock did you manage to get your hands on?”


    “That’s a lot!”

    “I feel the same as well. Using 100 million to buy 50% of the stock is such a good deal.”

    “Hold on… How much again?”

    “100 million! We are going to earn big bucks!”


    Ning Wentao was literally wheezing on the other end of the phone.

    “Dad. If you feel bad about it, should we add another 50 million to it?”




    Ning Wentao had hung up the call.

    “Damn! My father is in an unstable mood right now!”


    After knowing that Ning Meng had just spent 100 million on a single investment, Ning Wentao dropped to the floor and cried his heart out.

    Without warning, Cao Xuehua barged into his office and shouted at him!

    “Wentao, do you know what Ning Meng just did?! She just promised Han Meilin that she will invest 100 million in her movie!”

    “Why are you so shocked about it? It’s only 100 hundred million! We are more than capable of coming up with it!”

    “All we have is 100 million in the company right now! Are you really going to allow her to spend everything we have on a single, controversial project?!”

    “Using 100 million to purchase 50% of the shares. Now that is a very, very good deal! She is just like the young me!”

    “How can you spoil her like that?”

    “How am I spoiling her? Did I allow her to engage in any illegal activates?”

    “Han Meilin is calling me to transfer the 100 million yuan to her right now! Are you sure about this?”

    “Just do it!”

    When Cao Xuehua left his room, Ning Wentao started to cry again. Not only did he have to resign now, but he was also left with no money. Upon thinking about all these unfortunate events, he cried even harder on the floor.


    Ning Meng knew that the entire Lemon Entertainment only had 100 million right now. If she could come up with another 50 million, the movie would become even better. With that in mind, she decided to drive home to check on how much wealth she possessed right now.

    After taking out all every luxurious item that she owned, she estimated that they were all only worth around 10 million.

    Suddenly, she heard someone opening the door downstairs. It was then that something struck Ning Meng, and she rushed to the door.

    “Hubby, have you gained weight recently?” Ning Meng asked when Huo Beichen stepped into the house.


    “Why do I feel like you weigh so much heavier in my heart now?”