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Chapter 57

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 57: I Am 9, You Are 3

    Huo Beichen gradually loosened up and slowly started to relax his stare on Ning Meng as well.

    “You bore me.”

    “How could it be? As long as I’m with you, everything becomes really interesting.”


    Huo Beichen said nothing, looked away, and headed upstairs.

    “Hubby, I think you look sexy from the back. I mean, look at that firm and long thighs! A lot of people in this would die for that!” cooed Ning Meng.

    This time she did not follow him. Instead, she waited for him downstairs.


    Huo Beichen could still hear her voice outside his room.

    “Let me go and cook you a bowl of noodles right now! Just wait and you’ll enjoy your meal in a bit!”

    Ning Meng then proceeded to cook a bowl. When she brought the noodles out from the kitchen, she saw that Huo Beichen had just gotten out of the shower. The strong fragrance of his body shampoo filled the entire dining area when he sat on the chair.

    “Hubby, can you smell it?”

    Huo Beichen was all too ready to devour the noodles but was shocked by Ning Meng’s question. Could it be the smell of his sweat? After all, he had gone to the club working out the entire afternoon with Qi Shan.

    “No.” answered Huo Beichen.

    “The air smells sweet when you make your presence here!”


    Again, he ignored her and continued eating. Every evening, Ning Meng had to wait for the butler to deliver the food to her and it was not time yet. So, she sat right opposite Huo Beichen and continued to compliment him.

    “When I was young, I don’t know the definition of handsome. Until I met you, I finally figured out that you are the epitome of handsomeness. The word is created for you alone!”

    “Shut up.”

    Huo Beichen had enough of Ning Meng’s deliberate, boot-licking compliments. After that, he finished up his noodles as soon as possible and returned to his study.

    Was this man’s heart made of stone? She had complimented him nonstop. Why was he still unmoved by her? Needless to say, it was going to be really hard for her to borrow money from him.

    Ning Meng then went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and brought it to his room. When she opened the door, she saw that he was sitting in front of his computer while dealing with something that seemed important. He stared right into Ning Meng’s soul when he heard her enter the room.

    With a smile on her face, Ning Meng placed the cup of tea on the table and started to compliment Huo Beichen again.

    “Hubby, ever since I met you, I have become 9 and you are my 3*.”


    “It will always be you.”


    Huo Beichen put down the pen in hand and looked at her. Though she had the daily habit of licking his boots, she would normally stay in her room and not bother him. There must be a reason why she was extra attached to him today.

    “Just say what you want to say!”

    “You are my idol. You are the first person that I think of whenever I come across anything good!”


    Just as he was about to reply, his cellphone rang. Someone had just sent him a message in WeChat. It was a voice message from Qi Shan, which Huo Beichen opened up.

    ‘Boss, your woman is praising some other man!’

    After that, a recording of Ning Meng talking was played.

    “I admire Mr. Li a lot! To me, he is like an angel! So, I’m really curious. How do you feel having a master as great as that?”

    “It seems like you have a lot of angels around you,” Huo Beichen snapped sharply while glaring at Ning Meng.


    I have become 9 and you are my 3: A Chinese pun. It means you are the only one.