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Chapter 58

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     “Listen to me. All of them mean nothing to me! You are my only idol,” muttered Ning Meng in a nervous manner.


    Though Qi Shan recorded only half of it, Huo Beichen could tell that Ning Meng was sarcastic. Surprisingly, Huo Beichen felt happy when he saw Ning Meng getting nervous over nothing.

    Seeing that Huo Beichen was not angry at her, Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief.

    “Actually, I want to talk about some business with you. I’m giving you the opportunity to earn lots of money.”

    Huo Beichen raised his eyebrows and instantly knew that Ning Meng was trying to borrow money from him.

    “How much you need?”

    “50 million!”

    Huo Beichen nodded his head and was about to reply but was interrupted by another message. He then tapped on it.

    “Boss, did you hear that? Don’t let her sweet words trick you! And, do you know that this woman invested in a movie? I can’t believe she dumped 100 million yuan in it! The shareholders of Lemon Entertainment just told me about it. They have now become the joke of the entertainment industry! Everyone is waiting for them to fall after the movie shows in the cinema!”

    The second recording played after that.

    “At first, I wanted to grab some popcorn and watch them fall as well. Then I started thinking again. She will definitely come looking for you if they declare bankruptcy, and in the end, there will be nothing but trouble. Maybe you should try talking her out of it.”


    Ning Meng saw that Huo Beichen was staring at her when she looked up.

    “Investing in a sci-fi movie?”

    “Hubby, I have done a lot of research on this movie! It will definitely become a huge blockbuster! Trust me!”

    Huo Beichen pursed his lips and did not say a word after that. As usual, Ning Meng could not figure out what he was thinking about.

    “It’s fine if you don’t want to put 50 million. 40 would be fine too… or… consider me borrowing it from you first…”

    “What if you fail?” asked an expressionless Huo Beichen while staring at the computer.


    Ning Meng was getting impatient. It was true that the movie became famous out of coincidence. If Li Yichen had the guts to put 20 million in it, Huo Beichen should not be worried about her own investments.

    “Nevermind,” said Ning Meng in a disappointed manner.

    Shen then left the room. One thing that she did not realize was that Huo Beichen had already sent a message to his assistant.

    [Send me information on the sci-fi movie that Lemon Entertainment invested in.]

    At that time, Huo Beichen’s aide was wondering why their boss would pay attention to the entertainment industry. He had never done that before.


    Upon returning to her bedroom, Ning Meng lay on the bed immediately, combing through her messy hair with her hand. This was not the first time Qi Shan had messed up her plan.

    She opened up her WeChat and sent a message to Qi Shan.

    [I heard you are going through some tough military training?]

    That prompted Qi Shan to reply immediately.

    [What do you want? I’m not going to lend you any money!]

    […I just want to congratulate you.]


    [Congratulations on you becoming an army dog.]


    [You demon! How did you trick my boss?!]


    Soon after that, Ning Meng received a message from the bank.

    [Your account ending with 6666 has just received 10,000,000.00 yuan on X months X day, 21:03.]