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Chapter 59

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 59: You Are My King!!

    “That’s 100 million!” exclaimed Ning Meng, shocked by the amount.

    Her heart was racing. Immediately, she jumped down from her bed and ran to Huo Beichen’s study. As she arrived, she saw that he was ready to leave the house.

    “Ahh!!! Hubby! From today onwards, you are my king!” shouted Ning Meng while jumping onto Huo Beichen and grasped him with her soft hands.


    Having the soft body of a female latching onto him, Huo Beichen was stunned for a moment. All his rage and ruthlessness were gone with the wind. Ning Meng was a featherweight, hence a breeze for him to carry her. Her warm breath contacted the skin on his neck when she talked to him – like a light, gentle feather landing. An almost-orgasmic sensation immediately tingled his senses.

    Huo Beichen had to grip his fist to keep his body under control. Suddenly, Ning Meng slowly slid down from his body. Without thinking twice, Huo Beichen grabbed her with both hands.


    Before he realized it, his face was flushing, and his ears were becoming really warm as well. He then put her down and took a step back, creating a slight distance between them. Seemingly, Ning Meng did not realize that what just happened between them was extremely intimate.

    “My king… you are one ambitious man! Your ability to see the bigger picture is truly unopposed! I have never, in my life, seen someone like that! The boldest and wisest move anyone could make!” exclaimed a sparkly and excited Ning Meng.


    “So, giving you 100 million makes me your king?”

    “Of course! One million, and you are my brother. Ten million, and you are my father. One hundred million, and you are my king!”

    “How about one billion?”

    “Then, you are my god!”


    Thus, the classic case of money over every other thing. Huo Beichen looked down in dismay, feeling an ever-growing frustration welling from within his chest.

    “For now, our company takes 50% of the movie’s shares. Since you are giving me 100 million, I’m willing to offer Huo organization 25% of the shares. Is that okay?” asked Ning Meng.

    Of all the sensitivities a woman like her had mastered, Ning Meng failed to notice that there was something wrong with Huo Beichen.

    “This is the money that I’ve lent you. I don’t need any shares.”

    “How can that be? How are you supposed to explain this to your company?”

    A large corporation like that would typically closely monitor their finances and resources. Lending money to others was close to impossible.

    “This is my own money,” said Huo Beichen in a casually.


    The entire Lemon Entertainment possessed only 100 million, and here was Huo Beichen transferring 100 million to Ning Meng. These two facts alone showcased that taking out 100 million yuan was nothing but a small matter to him.

    “Can you at least put it on paper to show that I owe you 100 million?”

    “No need for all that. This is just small money to me. Go have fun with it.”


    After that Ning Meng returned to her room, she still had a hard time swallowing that Huo Beichen had just given her 100 million.

    Suddenly, her phone buzzed.

    [Return the money to my boss! You are not allowed to use it!]

    It was a message sent by Qi Shan.

    [What now? Jealous? I can give you ten yuan if you want. Can you feel my love?]


    [That sounds about right to me! Have you heard of the phrase that says ‘fatherly love is silent?’]

    [Daddy loves you.]