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Chapter 60

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 60: You Dare To Bet With Me?

    Qi Shan must be furious right now. Ning Meng could see the notification showing that Qi Shan was typing.

    [Sci-fi movies have always been the forte of Western countries. All sci-fi movies that have been produced in our country can never compete with them. I would advise you not to use the boss’ money to invest in such a venture. You might not end well if you were to do that.]

    Qi Shan replied Ning Meng, after a minute of typing. It was genuine and kind advice.

    [Don’t worry. Daddy knows what to do.]

    [Get the hell out of here! Do you dare make a bet with me?]

    [What do you want to bet on?]

    [If you lose, you will be doomed to stay at home and become a housewife! No more flirting with other men! However, if your investment makes a profit, you can do whatever you want to me.]

    That was a bold bet, indeed.

    [I can’t do whatever I want to you.]


    [However, I will make sure to teach you a lesson!]

    [I, as your father, am always right!]

    [We will see…]

    On the second day, Ning Meng transferred the 100 million that she just received from Huo Beichen to Mars Entertainment. After that, she went to Lemon Entertainment to get the company stamp. When she arrived, she saw that Ning Wentao was looking at the flowers outside with a sad gaze.

    Seeing that she had entered the office, Ning Wentao rolled his eyes and turned around his chair to face her.

    “Dad, you haven’t eaten, right? I just bought you some pau.”

    Ning Wentao’s heart softened when he realized that his daughter still cared about him. She might have spent all of the company’s money but had at least shown a little concern to her own father. However, Ning Wentao saw no meat buns when he turned around.

    “Where is the pau?”

    “Hehehe… I wanted to know how it tastes. Before I realized it, I finished everything, but…”

    “But what?”

    “The bag that contained the pau is with me. Do you want to take a whiff?? There’s still its fragrance in there.”


    The company stamp was on the table. Ning Meng had left the room without realizing that her father was crying. She then saw Lin Qingbei leaning against the wall. Both his hands were in his pockets, and he was staring up at the ceiling, seeming as if he was thinking intently about something. Upon noticing Ning Meng, he straightened up and walked towards her.

    “Stop! Stay at least two meters away from me! Thank you.”


    Lin Qingbei was disappointed when he saw that Ning Meng did now allow him to get close to her.

    “I have two million yuan with me right now. I can give them all to you,” said Lin Qingbei from where he was standing.

    He did not dare get too close to her, worried she might run away if he did.

    “No need for that. Just focus on writing more songs. You don’t have to worry about other stuff. Understood?” Ning Meng said while waving her hands.

    “You are the one who made me famous! If something happens to you and your dad, I will leave the company with you!” reassured Long Qingbei.


    Ning Meng wondered if he was afraid that no one would continue to support him when she left. Just when she wanted to motivate him, she heard someone coming through the company doors. Both of them then turned around and saw Su Tiantian holding onto Cao Xuehua’s arm as they walked into the office.

    All the small-time celebrities rushed up to them the moment they stepped in. After all, Su Tiantian was one of the most popular stars of the moment.

    “Sister Tian, what brings you here?” asked someone.