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Chapter 61

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 61: Please Be Careful In Your Investment

    Su Tiantian responded to Ning Meng’s question with a friendly smile, “I was just in the area attending to some business. Since I’m around, I thought I might as well check in on all of you.”

    Someone in the crowd asked, “Business? Are you working on a new film?”

    Su Tiantian responded with a smile, not saying a word.

    Cao Xuehua politely intruded in the conversation, “Tiantian’s fiance is buying the film rights of ‘The Seductress’. The film production will begin as soon as the rights are secured!”

    Ning Meng couldn’t help but rub her nose in annoyance.

    This girl… she was here to show off!


    “The Seductress?”

    Lin Qingbei quickly explained to her, “It’s a famous novel. It’s about a woman from modern days who time-traveled to ancient China and made a name for herself. There has been a spike in popularity for costume drama, making this novel the greatest candidate for a film adaptation. There have been many producers and directors visiting the author to acquire its film rights.”

    Then, Lin Qingbei’s voice lowered into a whisper, “From what I’ve heard in the meeting room downstairs, the price of the film rights shot up to eighty million yuan earlier.”


    Frankly, eighty million yuan was still an acceptable price range. Popular films and dramas tended to make a lot of money, otherwise, Li Yichen would have never thought of acquiring film rights.

    Everyone else was in awe.

    “Oh, this film will definitely be a hit!”

    “Yes! This novel is extremely popular! The story is so engaging plus the author understands the genre and nailed it! Much better than ‘Shifting To Mars’.”

    “Millions… gosh, if I could acquire the film rights of ‘The Seductress’ or even get a small role in the film, I could at least boost my popularity for a bit.”


    Su Tiantian was delighted as she heard everyone talking about her upcoming film.

    She threw a glance at Ning Meng. Ning Meng, on the other hand, did not seem to have any response to it—she appeared to be staring straight ahead without any expression on her face, seemingly in a daze.

    ‘Oh… regretting it now, I see?’

    Su Tiantian walked toward her with a smirk. “Ning Meng, my dear, what are you looking at? Something interesting over there?”

    What she did not know was that this was not Ning Meng expressing regret, she was merely working really hard to recall the original plot of this story.

    She was quite sure that this was actually the part where the male protagonist was set up, resulting in monetary and reputation loss. This had been one of the biggest failures in his life.

    Realizing this, Ning Meng beamed up a smile.

    “Oh, nothing really. I was just thinking about how small your breasts are. You are doing our country such a big favor by saving clothing materials.”


    To ensure that they looked good on camera, these idols tend to work really hard on staying as slim as they could.

    “Flat-chested” was one of the few things the internet mocked Su Tiantian for, thus, her face immediately turned grim.

    Ning Meng continued on with a smile, “Oh gosh, look at them. Wow, they’re so flat! Even flatter than an airport’s landing zone!”


    Then, she patted Su Tiantian’s shoulder and sighed, “Isn’t your dad some kind of super general? Why are you so slim?”

    “… why you!”

    Su Tiantian was so furious that she could not retort in retaliation at all.

    Ning Meng was satisfied with her reaction.

    This bitch was the one who had started it by trying to pick a fight. It would be most impolite not to take up the challenge and roast her.

    After roasting the poor girl, she slowly entered the lift and pressed the B1 button.


    The lift carried her to the carpark, and just as she walked out of the lift, she saw Li Yichen who, accompanied by several men, was walking toward her direction.

    He was still the handsome, mature man as always, dressed in a black suit. Before he walked past Ning Meng, he shot her an expressionless look.

    All Ning Meng could do was just stand there.

    In the original story, Li Yichen’s career would take a nosedive after the eighty million yuan loss. Luckily, “Shifting to Mars” was a success, helping him to recover some losses.

    But now, she had stolen “Shifting to Mars” from him. She could not help but feel bad about it.

    After a short moment of consideration, she quickly opened her mouth.

    “Mr. Li!”

    Li Yichen stopped and turned to her.

    Ning Meng gave him a piece of advice.

    “Please be careful in your investment. I suggest you come here again in two days.”