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Chapter 62

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 62: Li Yichen’s Disappointment

    The lighting in the underground carpark was dim. She could not see Li Yichen’s face properly, and yet, she could feel a massive wave of resolute aura from this man. It was so powerful that she found it hard to breathe around him.

    She could not help but feel really uneasy around him.

    Sure, Su Tiantian was an aggravatingly vexatious bitch. However, Li Yichen was a decent responsible man—that was why she had had a change of heart and had blurted out her advice earlier.

    Yet… Li Yichen was just standing there, not saying a word. Could it be that he thought she was just trying to sabotage his business?

    After all, “The Seductress” was too popular to let go of.

    Realizing that she was stepping out of line, Ning Meng pouted, “It’s nothing. Forget what I said.”

    Then, she turned away and left.

    As she was leaving, Li Yichen stared at her fading silhouette at the lift.

    He knew who that woman was. That was Ning Meng—Huo Beichen’s wife. The person who had stolen “Shifting to Mars” away from him.

    The reason he had been trying to buy the filming rights of “Shifting to Mars” was not about making money. No. That twenty million yuan was him showing his support to the local filming industries—to help to develop and promote the local sci-fi films.

    Nonetheless, he was not as badass as this woman. She had practically tossed in every single penny under her name into this film.

    Shaking his head, Li Yichen took the lift and went up.

    In the meeting room, the contract was already drafted, waiting to be signed. Li Yichen stared at the contract with a deep thoughtful look. Su Tiantian was sitting next to him with a smile. Seeing that her fiance was not signing the papers, she shook his arm eagerly, “Brother Chen?”

    Li Yichen bit his lip briefly as he raised his sword-like eyebrows, staring at the others with his star-like eyes. Then, he put down the pen.


    Su Tiantian’s face turned sour upon hearing this. She had asked Li Yichen’s bodyguards about his wellbeing earlier, and so, she knew that this was about what Ning Meng had told him. It had made him soft and indecisive.

    “Brother Chen, don’t listen to Ning Meng. She’s just trying to deceive you so that I can’t get this role. Don’t listen to her…”

    Li Yichen stood up and left without allowing her to finish.

    Sitting there in the meeting room powerlessly, Su Tiantian ground her teeth as she thought to herself.

    ‘Ning Meng!! It’s not over yet!!”


    Two days later.

    Su Tiantian barged into Li Yichen’s office. She put on her pouty sobbing face and whined, “Someone has already acquired the filming rights of ‘The Seductress’ with eighty-five million yuan. The production has already begun as we speak!”

    Hearing this, Li Yichen raised his head and looked at his fiancee. There was some uncertainty lingering in his mind, tormenting him.

    Seeing her fiance’s conflicted look, Su Tiantian clenched her fist and said, “You see? I told you so. This woman was just trying to sabotage everything I do. You should’ve never listened to that bitch. She’s doing this on purpose…”

    “No. I was not decisive enough.” Li Yichen frowned.

    Business was war. Every trick in the book was a fair game. There was no use in blaming your enemy for being cunning—you could only blame yourself for being a coward. To Li Yichen, failure was a failure. There was no excuse for it.

    Yet, that woman… he was sure that there was not a lick of malice displayed in her eyes that day. It was a piece of sincere advice. How could this be?

    He then looked down and continued the work on his desk, “Besides, we have acquired another TV drama. You can still star in that one.”

    Su Tiantian replied with a cold smirk, “That shitty TV drama? It’s not popular at all. In fact, its popularity was not even half of ‘The Seductress’!”

    She paused for a moment before continuing, “Today, the director of ‘The Seductress’ contacted me.”

    Hearing this, Li Yichen raised his head and looked at her again.

    So, she meant…

    Su Tiantian let out a sigh before explaining, “Brother Chen, I have told the fans and media that I’m about to star in ‘The Seductress’. If I don’t do it, it would be betraying my fans. Surely you understand that, right? You won’t be mad at me, will you?”

    Despite being engaged, their relationship was still an underground thing. Su Tiantian thought it was alright for her to act a little flirty, however, she failed to catch the disappointment flickering in Li Yichen’s eyes.

    ‘If only… on that day I had not listened to that woman…’

    Suddenly, a loud knock could be heard on his door. At the next moment, his personal assistant walked in with a delighted expression on his face.

    “Mr. Li, have you heard? It’s everywhere on the news! Oh, I’m so glad we did not acquire ‘The Seductress’ that day…”