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Chapter 63

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 63: Lord Chen, Aren’t You Tired?

    Upon hearing the news, Su Tiantian was so surprised that she fell onto the sofa.

    She could not believe what she saw on the personal assistant’s document. She could feel that a massive storm was on its way, causing a stir in the entertainment industry.

    The novel “The Seductress” was indeed popular. Thus, this meant many immature underage teenagers were also reading it. And… one of them had mimicked some of the scenes from the book, leading up to a well-known scandal.

    Thus, the Chinese government had forbidden any film adaptation of the book for the purpose of societal damage control.

    After a long while, Su Tiantian finally got up from her seat and quickly made a call to her PR team. She needed to make a statement about her not ever having the thought of starring in “The Seductress”.

    Looking at her, Li Yichen felt himself stiffen. The way she acted and reacted… it was as though she had become a complete stranger. This was not the Su Tiantian that he knew.

    Sure, she was born poor and underprivileged. Yet, she had had that unrelenting persistence to take on any tide that life threw at her. He had seen her fighting her way up from the bottom as an idol and he was impressed by how she did not get entangled by all the dishonorable practices and working culture in the industry.

    The feelings he had for her were more of respect than one of intimacy.

    Yet, after acquiring massive fame, she had now become spineless and calculative—just like the others in the entertainment industry. She now valued her fame more than honor.

    On top of that, he realized that she did not trust him as much as he would have liked.

    Previously when they were at the Huo Group, she had tried to deny the responsibilities of her wrongdoing and pushed it on others, all because she was afraid that he could not save her from Huo Beichen.

    This time, this new TV drama had been prepared for her as a compensation for him not acquiring the film rights of “The Seductress”, and yet, she had mocked his efforts to do her right…

    Suddenly, an old saying flashed through Li Yichen’s head—”Companionship is obtained the easiest in times of joy and hardest in times of hardship.”

    After a long phone call with her PR team, Su Tiantian finally turned around and was instantly horrified by the upset look she saw on her fiance’s face.

    She quickly walked over to him and hugged his neck, “Brother Chen, look… now that ‘The Seductress’ is no more… I can only rely on your help…”

    Li Yichen suddenly pushed her away, “Would you please get out of the room? I still have work to do.”

    “Oh, okay.” It took a short pause before Su Tiantian could reply to his curt reaction. As she reached the door, Su Tiantian turned back to look at Li Yichen once again.

    He did not even look up at her, merely continuing his work with a dark face.

    A string of panic raced down her spine—she had broken his heart earlier. However, what else could she have done? She needed to do what she had to in order to climb higher to stardom.

    … this was all Ning Meng’s fault! If it weren’t for her, things between her and Li Yichen would not have gone south at all!



    Ning Meng wiped her nose before looking at the two brand new smartphones in her hands. Huo Beichen had given her 100 million yuan, so, she had to show some kind of gratitude toward him. When she saw the new model of the Lemon Brand smartphones, she just knew that she had to buy two and give one of them to her husband as a present.

    Well, of course… she would not mention a word about their 20% discount…

    As she walked through the front door, she saw Huo Beichen was sitting on the sofa like a king on his massive throne while Su Ye stood next to him, giving him some kind of report.

    Su Ye immediately shut his mouth upon seeing Ning Meng, and he greeted her with a polite smile.

    Ning Meng walked toward Huo Beichen, “Lord Chen, aren’t you feeling tired today?”

    Su Ye said, “No. Boss isn’t tired.”

    Ning Meng then replied in mock surprise, “What? No way! But he’s been running through my mind all day!”


    Now Su Ye knew why his boss would become a pushover when facing this woman. Damn, who could handle her masterful flirtation?!

    Ning Meng inched closer to her husband, “Hubby, look. I’ve got you a present.”

    She then took out and showed him two identical smartphones. “I’ve put my sim card into one of these. See? They’re both white. It’s a pair too. They say it’s for couples~”

    She placed them on the coffee table in front of him, “Oh, look at how late it is. Are you hungry? I’ll go make some noodles for you!”

    As she walked into the kitchen, her phone rang.

    It was an unknown number.

    Huo Beichen picked the phone up and answered it.

    “Hello? Is this Ms. Ning Meng? I’m Li Yichen.”

    Huo Beichen’s eyes darkened and he took a long stare at the girl who was working in the kitchen. Then, he opened his mouth. “Oh.”