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Chapter 64

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 64: I Have Good Taste

    Huo Beichen was an influential business emperor. Every move he made could rock the business world. On the other hand, Li Yichen was a new rising star in the business world who could also send many scholars guessing for days by making any business decision.

    And now, these two were on the phone; and they were… not talking.

    After a moment, Huo Beichen, upon seeing that Ning Meng was about to step out of the kitchen with her noodles, opened his mouth.



    And they both hung up at the same time.

    When Ning Meng brought out the noodles with tomato egg sauce, she could see that Huo Beichen was holding her phone, his eyes glaring sharply at her.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Someone called you earlier.”

    “Hey, I haven’t seduced anyone lately. I swear!”

    Seeing this, Su Ye could not help but to mumble, “… the missus sure has a strong survival instinct.”

    Huo Beichen’s eyes were still cold as ever, “It was Li Yichen.”


    Ning Meng was utterly confused. Was this Li Yichen guy mentally ill or something? No, wait. How did he even get her number? No no. That was not important. Right now, the more important thing was…

    She looked at Huo Beichen. “I suppose he dialed the wrong number.”

    “He mentioned your name.”


    Ning Meng was given a checkmate. Unable to find any excuses, Ning Meng finally decided to…

    “Hubby, your eyes are so lovely.”

    Huo Beichen was stunned.

    “Well, not as lovely as mine. You know why?”

    Huo Beichen looked at her eyes. They were a pair of exquisite sloe eyes. The corners of her eyes were slanted upward, showing their seductive allure; her pupils were as dark and clear as obsidian, displaying the unique pure naivete of her charm. They were indeed very lovely.

    As he was observing her eyes, he could hear Ning Meng’s voice again.

    “Because you are in my eyes.”


    Su Ye was impressed and stunned by the missus.

    Seeing that Huo Beichen was not going to probe any further, Ning Meng quickly put the noodles on the dining table, “Lord Chen, come and eat. We can talk about other things later. There is nothing more important than making sure my lovely hubby is well-fed.”

    Huo Beichen stood up and walked toward the dining table.

    Ning Meng quickly hopped next to him, “Hey, wait. Where’s your phone? I’ll help you install your sim card into that new phone.”

    Huo Beichen stopped and looked at the two white smart phones on the coffee table. Then, he silently took out his phone, one that was engraved with black diamonds, and handed it to her.

    As Ning Meng was about to transfer the sim card, Su Ye stepped forward anxiously, “Missus, wait. This phone is…”

    Before he could finish his words, Huo Beichen shot a fierce glare at Su Ye. Feeling intimidated, Su Ye quickly shut his mouth.

    Ning Meng asked, “What’s wrong with this phone?”


    Su Ye had been trying to tell her that the black phone was one that Huo Beichen used for work. Everything from sensitive highly classified documents related to the company was stored and encrypted on this phone.

    Yet, seeing how his boss reacted, how could he tell her?

    Thus, Su Ye replied with a smile, “No, I was just about to comment on how pretty the phone is.”

    “I know, right? I know I don’t have much talent in many areas but I do know that I have one good thing about me. I have good taste.”

    She then looked at Huo Beichen seductively, “Otherwise, how would I have married this excellent husband?”


    Su Ye was speechless. This woman just couldn’t stop with her ass licking for one second.

    After transferring Huo Beichen’s sim card into the new phone, Ning Meng delightedly tossed the insanely expensive black phone to the side.

    Ding dong!

    The doorbell sounded.

    Su Ye quickly opened the door.

    It was a man dressed in a full black suit.

    He announced respectfully, “Good evening. I am from Hermès International. May I seek an audience with one Ms. Ning Meng? We have been assigned by one Mr. Li Yichen to send our latest finest pieces for her perusal.”


    Regret surged up in Ning Meng’s head. Why o’ why did she have to open her mouth and help this guy on that day?