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Chapter 65

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 65: Su Ye Is An Angel

    Thus, the manager walked in with his Hermès employees. They were all dressed in neat uniforms, tidy suits and white gloves. Each one of them was holding an exquisitely designed box, lining up together as if it were a parade.

    The manager asked the confounded Ning Meng politely, “Ms. Ning, you may begin to browse the merchandise at your own leisure.”

    Gulping down her saliva, Ning Meng glanced nervously at Huo Beichen who was sitting at the dining area. He did not seem to care at all, slurping down his noodles. Nonetheless, everyone could still feel an intimidating aura oozing out from him.

    Su Ye peered at Ning Meng and asked, “Missus… would you mind telling me what’s this all about?”

    Ning Meng anxiously replied, “No, it’s nothing. I sort of accidentally did Li Yichen a small favor, so, this is his way of thanking me… I guess?”

    “I see. What a sneaky way of showing gratitude, this is,” sighed Su Ye.

    Ning Meng was so touched when he heard his reaction. Heck, she was practically moved to tears. Compared to that jerk Qi Shan, who was only good at kicking her down at every moment he got, this Su Ye was an angel that had descended from the heavens.

    “Yeah. If he wanted to thank me sincerely, he should have picked out a present himself. The way he’s doing it right now is as though he’s rewarding his employees.” Ning Meng nodded in agreement.

    “Indeed. So… ” Su Ye was about to suggest kicking these Hermès people out of the house.

    Ning Meng threw him a wink, indicating that she understood what he was about to say. Then, she waved her hand and said, “Now, all of you…”

    Hearing this, Huo Beichen’s intimidating aura had started to cool down a little. A smile was slowly creeping upon his lips.

    Yet, what he heard next from the girl was, “Put down the merchandise. I’ll take ’em. All of them!”



    Huo Beichen and Su Ye were dumbfounded. The latter looked at the former in fear; all he saw was his boss was eating his meal slowly—he picked up a string of noodles at a snail’s pace, putting it into his mouth and nipping them forcefully, just like a lion devouring its appetizer before going in for the main course.

    Su Ye was terrified—Huo Beichen was furious!

    Doom had befallen them all! And the missus had not understood what he had been about to suggest at all!

    Hearing what Ning Meng had said, the Hermès manager nodded. “Certainly. There are fifteen new merchandise in total.”

    “This new bag here is made of the finest crocodile leather, its price is 800,000 yuan.”

    “This bag is sky blue in color, the latest color in the production line this year. This one is priced at 110,000 yuan.”

    “And this one…”

    After a long introduction of all the merchandise, the manager continued on with a smile, “That’ll be 3.25 million yuan in total. We will put this on Mr. Li’s bill. Ms. Ning, if there are any issues post-sale, please feel free to contact us.”

    Looking at the boxes piling up in the living room, Ning Meng nodded her head vigorously, just like a woodpecker pecking on a tree, “Yes, yes, yes. So, everything here is already fully paid?”

    A loud screech could be heard from the dining room—it was the noise of the dining chair’s legs scratching the floor. Everyone except Ning Meng turned their heads toward the dining room and saw Huo Beichen standing up from his seat. Then, step by step, he slowly walked toward them.

    His eyes were glaring at the unsuspecting girl’s back as his cold freezing intimidating aura burst out of him.

    What a frightening view! Seeing this, the manager anxiously said, “Ye…yes, Ms. Ning. If there are no more inquiries, we will be taking our leave.”

    As he was turning towards the door, suddenly…


    The manager stopped and turned toward Ning Meng, who was smirking at him. “I heard Hermès has a no-questions-asked refund policy, as long as it is done within 7 days. Am I right?”

    The manager simpered uncertainly in confusion, “???… yes, you are correct.”

    Ning Meng then excitedly took out her bank card and handed it to him, “In that case, I am returning all of the merchandise right now. Please transfer all of the refunds into this bank account.”



    Everyone, including the seethingly furious Huo Beichen, was stunned!