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Chapter 66

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 66: I’m Not Looking For A Fight

    After completing the refund, the manager left with a conflicted look on his face.

    Su Ye took a glance at his boss and saw that Huo Beichen was still standing there with a furious expression glued on his face. Su Ye could not help but feel that they were playing a psychological roller-coaster game earlier.

    Following this, he turned to look at the missus—Ning Meng was still excited at the amount of money that she had gotten from the refund earlier. Su Ye asked, “Missus, are you short on cash right now?”

    Ning Meng took a glance at Huo Beichen, and then nodded, “Yeap. I want to buy some property.”

    ‘Ah, our dear Mrs. Huo wants to invest in real estate, I see.’ Su Ye’s eyes gleamed with realization.

    Thus, he asked, “What land are you buying, then?”

    Ning Meng answered, “I want to buy my hubby’s eternal devotion.”


    Only then did Ning Meng turn around and saw Huo Beichen. She blinked her eyes before asking, “Lord Chen, are you… heading out?”

    Huo Beichen was facing the main door when she asked this. Upon hearing her question, he slowly turned around and said, “I’m heading to the study.”

    Su Ye, seeing that his boss had finally gone upstairs, let out a sigh of relief. Just when he saw that Ning Meng was about to leave too as well, he hurriedly stopped her.

    “Missus, wait.”

    Ning Meng stopped and looked at him, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

    Su Ye nodded his head. “Could you, perhaps, negotiate for Qi Shan’s release?”

    Su Ye’s life was hellish these days.

    After Qi Shan was sent to the S Club, there were no other candidates to take his place. Yet, Huo Beichen still needed a personal assistant to aid him, and so, Su Ye was selected to take his place.

    Having said that, Qi Shan’s strangely insensitive brain was the only one that could get used to their moody boss. Su Ye was not like Qi Shan, and after staying by his boss’ side for two whole days, Su Ye had gone through so much indescribable emotional torment.

    Come on! He was just the family doctor, there was no reason for him to go through this!

    Hearing this, Ning Meng replied uneasily, “No, no, no. That decision was final, remember? It was the decision of our honorable, unprejudiced, and uncompromising Lord Chen! How would I be able to change his mind?”

    Besides, she and Qi Shan were not on good terms. Why would she risk her life to save him?

    After refusing his plea for help, Ning Meng turned toward the door, when suddenly…

    “I’ll offer two million yuan for his release, please.”

    Hearing this, Ning Meng stopped still in her tracks and turned back.

    “Now we’re talking. But that won’t do. Let’s negotiate.”


    When Huo Beichen came out of his study for a coffee, this was what he saw in the living room—Ning Meng and Su Ye were sitting closely on the sofa, whispering something.

    Su Ye whispered, “Qi Shan values his own money a lot, he loves money more than anything! So, if you were to take two million yuan from him, this would hurt him more than sending him to go through a month’s worth of military training.”

    Ning Meng whispered, “But how would I get him to pay me two million yuan?”

    Su Ye replied, “Don’t worry. Leave that to me.”

    Su Ye then took out his phone and created a Wechat group—one that included him, Qi Shan, and Ning Meng.

    Qi Shan’s was quick to message the group.

    [?? What? Heh, so you know that you’re about to lose the bet. Is that why you’re asking Su Ye to help you ask for forgiveness?]

    Ning Meng: [Nope. I’m not looking for a fight.]

    Qi Shan had just gone through a session of training, covered in sweat, and the cramps were causing his entire body to ache. After seeing her response, Qi Shan let out a smirk and started typing.

    ‘Hehe, so you’re finally yielding? Last night…’

    However, before he was able to finish typing his message, a message popped up.

    [Because looking for a fight with a pig is a foolish act.]


    Qi Shan was so pissed!

    His hands were shaking after seeing the message, and just as he was about to throw his phone at the wall, Su Ye’s message popped in.

    [Qi Shan, pay the missus two million yuan. If you do, she will help to persuade the boss to let you out.]

    Qi Shan: [No bloody way! Two million?! You might as well go rob a bank!]

    Su Ye: [Actually, after receiving the news about you, Fei Bai booked a ticket intending to come home…]

    Qi Shan was Huo Beichen’s biggest fan, and it was one of his biggest pride to be able to work for his idol. Thus, his worst nightmare was losing his job as Huo Beichen’s personal assistant.

    Qi Shan ground his teeth as he typed his reply.

    [… deal!]

    “Yay! Deal!”

    As Ning Meng and Su Ye smiled at each other in victory, they could feel a freezing aura creep up on their backs…