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Chapter 67

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 67: The Missus Is Different

    Both of them stopped and turned their heads like robots, and there they saw Huo Beichen glaring at them from the first floor.


    Su Ye could feel that his boss was seemingly so furious to the point that he was about to eat a person?

    He quickly sat further away from Ning Meng.

    Ning Meng softly asked, “Lord Chen, do you want some coffee?”

    “Yes.” Huo Beichen replied after raising his fine-looking brows.

    The super ass-licker Ning Meng immediately jumped up from her seat, “Allow me! How could I allow you, my Supreme Majesty, to get coffee all by himself!”

    She quickly rushed to the kitchen.

    Two minutes later, she carried a cup of hot coffee out from the kitchen.

    As she was walking upstairs, Ning Meng asked, “Someone as excellent as you should be out there commanding his millions and millions of minions, conquering the world. Now that Qi Shan is gone, you have to get your own coffee yourself. It hurts me when I think about this, so how about we allow Qi Shan to come back?”

    After saying that, she quickly walked toward Huo Beichen and handed him the coffee with a sweet smile.

    Huo Beichen glanced over at Su Ye. It was obvious that both of them had been planning something earlier. Yet, he also recalled just how bad Qi Shan and Ning Meng got along…

    Huo Beichen had a conflicted look in his eyes as he thought about it.

    Su Ye, on the other hand, was rubbing his forehead to soothe a headache he was having at the moment. Shouldn’t the missus have said something like “Even though Qi Shan did not perform well, we should not dismiss his effort”? At this rate, how would the boss let Qi Shan out? Come on now. Qi Shan was not just some lowly intern!

    However, in the next moment… Huo Beichen received his coffee and replied curtly, “Sure.”


    Su Ye could not believe his ears.

    Before he went back to his study, Huo Beichen took a look at Su Ye and asked, “Yes?”

    Su Ye anxiously stood up, “No, no. Boss, I’ll take my leave.”

    After that, he hurriedly headed for the door. Su Ye’s heart was still pumping fiercely when he was out under the sun

    As he was rubbing his golden framed glasses to calm down, Su Ye could feel his phone was vibrating.

    It was a message from Qi Shan.

    [No. Stupid woman, just who do you think you are? Do you think our boss will change his mind just because you go and beg him? I think you’re just trying to scam my money, you money-hungry THOT!]


    Su Ye looked at the message for a moment before replying.

    [It’s done. You can come back now.]


    [The boss has agreed to let you come back.]

    [That’s impossible! No one can change our boss’ mind!]

    [When Fei Bai made a mistake back then, it did not matter even if all of us went begging, the boss did not forgive him at all. No way… our boss… he has now become a muddle-headed monarch!]

    Suddenly, Ning Meng’s message popped up.

    [My money. Where is it?]

    In an instant, Su Ye and Qi Shan stopped their chat. A moment later, 2 million yuan was transferred into Ning Meng’s account.

    Looking at the message sent by the bank, Ning Meng smiled happily.

    No, she was not doing this because she was a money-hungry thot. No. It was just that she practically had no money in her savings right now because she had given all of her money, every single cent, to Han Meilin a few days ago. It was very uneasy for her to see a zero balance in her bank account!

    As she was drowning in happiness, suddenly, a message popped up in the Wechat group.

    It was from Su Ye.

    [No. The Missus is different.]

    Ning Meng paused for a moment. The cloak of the night was slowing arriving, darkening her room. The dim light radiated from her phone, accentuating the five words on her screen.

    She sat up on her bed, having tens of thousands of thoughts running through her mind.

    The absolutely heartless tyrant was easily defeated by her sweet words. No one else could have done the same. She had thought about this before, and yet, no matter how much she thought about it, Ning Meng still could not understand why he treated her differently.

    And so, Ning Meng typed a private message to Su Ye.

    [Different how?]