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Chapter 68

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 68: Weep Like a Bitch

    Why did he marry her?

    Her ass-kissing was so lame and yet, he would agree to her every whim. Ning Meng had so many questions in her head and these were all funneled down to the message she sent to Su Ye — “Different how?”.

    Looking at her phone, Ning Meng quietly waited for his answer.

    No reply.

    Well, maybe he was driving, so that was understandable.

    Half an hour later, his message finally popped up. He asked, “Missus, are you sure you don’t remember anything at all?”

    Ning Meng rubbed her lips and tried to think about this. Finally, she gave up and put her phone next to her as she threw herself on the bed in frustration. This mystery felt like a huge boulder pressing on her mind.

    Just what kind of history did Huo Beichen have with the “original” Ning Meng!?

    She could not make sense of it and in the meantime, she was too afraid to ask, fearful of letting the others know that she had switched places with the “real” Ning Meng.

    Not getting her answers, Ning Meng buried her head into her pillow. She had given up on thinking about it. Besides, her survival strategy was still the same as always—to hug Huo Beichen’s legs for all eternity. He was her only chance of survival in this world, and there was nothing she could not handle without using her refined flatteries to him.


    Two days later.

    Ning Meng was finally able to calm down and had started drawing her comics when suddenly, her phone started to vibrate.

    Ah, it was that Wechat group that Su Ye had created. Su Ye and Qi Shan had already been chatting away without her.

    [Stupid woman! Hey! Come out and answer us! Things are really bad out here!]

    [A friendly reminder, mate. Be nice to the missus.]

    [… simp.]

    [Hey, hey, the missus is a better simp to our boss than me to her, okay?]

    [LOL Yeah I guess you’re right. Hey, where you at? @Ning Meng]

    Ning Meng typed in a curt reply, [?]

    [Su Tiantian’s movie “The Hero” is going to be released on the same day as your “Shifting to Mars”! Aren’t you worried? How pitiful. Your situation is already so dire and now you’re taking another avalanche in your face.]


    Ning Meng quickly browsed Weibo, and there it was, the most popular hashtags were #TheHeroSuTianTian#

    Su Tiantian had always been good at grabbing attention, and this had earned her numerous fans throughout her time in the entertainment industry. Not only that, but her acting skills were also one of the best.

    This movie, “The Hero”, was her first movie after shifting her career from a singer to an actress, thus, many people were supporting her.

    All her fans were eager to buy a ticket for their idol.

    Qi Shan then continued on with his messages.

    [Nowadays, the film industry is a huge gamble. Now that there is a pro rocking in to be your obstacle, I don’t think you’re going to get a good number in the box office. Time to give up!]

    Ning Meng typed, [Su Tiantian does this because she and I don’t get along.]

    [You think I don’t know that? Everyone knows that.]

    [So, let her be. I’ll make sure she’ll weep like a bitch later!]

    Qi Shan and Su Ye were stunned after seeing her reply. They had no other way to respond other than […].

    After pondering for a moment, Ning Meng quickly dialed her dad’s number. He would definitely be worried sick after receiving this news, she might as well call him up to comfort him.

    And she was right.

    After a few rings, Ning Wentao answered the phone with a weak voice.

    “We’re doomed. Doomed! Meng Meng, you were right about Su Tiantian being an ungrateful wolf in the family, I’m so sorry for not believing you…”

    “Where are you?”

    A weeping voice could be heard on the phone.

    “I’m… sobs… I’m at home now. I need to get used to the life of retirement first, you see?”

    “… stay there. I’ll come to visit you.”

    “No, there’s no need to. I’m afraid I’ll get even more depressed after seeing you.”


    “Sobs. Why? How could she do this to me? If you rear a dog, it would remember you for all of the things you’ve done for it, and yet, this Su Tiantian… I’ve spent a lot of resources to help her kickstart her career, but now she’s stabbing me in the back!”

    As Ning Wentao continued to sob into the phone, their housemaid walked in. “Sir, Miss Su Tiantian is here.”

    “What is she here for?!” Ning Wentao was pissed.

    After a short pause, Ning Meng quipped, “Maybe she’s here to ask for more dog food?”