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Chapter 69

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 69: You’re Ruining The Pigs’ Reputation!

    After hanging up, Ning Meng quickly went out to get her car. She feared that Su Tiantian would piss her dad off so much to the point that he might die of anger.

    Huo Beichen’s house was not far from the Nings’ mansion, and she only needed to drive for about 10 minutes before reaching home.

    After parking her car, Ning Meng took a good look at the place. It was a three-story mansion, decorated with a front lawn that looked like a garden. The Nings’ mansion looked like a cozy farmhouse, one that soothed one’s mind when he or she stepped through the gate.

    Ning Meng quickly walked toward the building and entered the living room. As soon as she opened the door, she could see Ning Wentao sitting on the sofa with a stern look as Su Tiantian stood in front of him apologizing.

    “I’m sorry, uncle. It was not my idea. It was the production team… they said they wanted to push the screening date earlier…”

    Putting his glass of water on the coffee table forcefully, Ning Wentao replied furiously, “Don’t you dare ridicule me like this! Do you think I don’t know? That you have invested a hefty sum of money into this movie of yours? You’re the main lead and the biggest investor of ‘The Hero’. I don’t believe that you don’t have any say on the screening date at all!”

    “No, uncle. That was not my money, it was Mr. Li’s. If he has made up his mind, I will never be able to change it.” Su Tiantian responded with teary eyes.

    Hearing this, Ning Wentao raised his eyebrows and glared at her. It was obvious that he was not buying this excuse.

    “Oh, really? You won an Emmy Award before and you are one of the most influential people in the industry. And yet you’re saying that you cannot do a single thing to influence their decisions?”

    Lowering her head, Su Tiantian said meekly, “I know… I also feel that I’m such a failure…”

    As soon as she said this, Ning Meng walked into the living room and interrupted their conversation.

    “Aww, don’t say that.”

    Su Tiantian’s shoulders twitched as she heard Ning Meng’s voice. She had not expected to see her at this time.

    Ning Meng continued with a smirk. “Because you’re not just a failure. You’re the role model of failures, my dear~”


    Ning Wentao was glad to see Ning Meng, and his eyes were filled with tears of joy. Still, he did his best to hold in his tears, not wanting to show any weakness in front of Su Tiantian.

    As Ning Meng was walked toward her father to comfort him, Su Tiantian sighed. “Uncle… Meng Meng… I know no matter what I say, you wouldn’t believe me. How about this? When the money rolls in from the box office, I’ll take out every penny from my share to compensate the company.”

    She looked at Ning Meng and continued. “I know what Meng Meng has done in the company, so even if you, uncle, lose your power in the company, you can still bring my mom in to be the CEO. By doing so, Lemon Entertainment will still be under the reign of the Nings. Would that work?”


    Ning Meng had been quite puzzled as to why Su Tiantian had picked this timing to come home earlier, but now, she understood. This bitch was here for the company’s shares!


    Ning Wentao tossed his glass of water onto the floor, smashing it to pieces. He stood up furiously and glared at Su Tiantian.

    “You… you ungrateful brat! So you’re here to rob me of my company?!”

    Stepping backward to avoid the shattered glass, Su Tiantian lowered her gaze as she answered, “Uncle, this is for the company’s good. Compared to giving it to others, giving the company to mom is still in your interest, right?”

    “You…why you!!” Ning Wentao put a hand on his chest upon hearing this. This heartless monster! After he had put in so much effort to raise her…!! This hurt him so much!

    Ning Meng rushed up to hold her father’s arm and then smirked. “Su Tiantian, a piece of advice. This is not a society that loves a villain, so you’d better stop talking! I know, I know… having the looks of a pig isn’t your fault. It’s genetics. But please, don’t let slip that your intellect is lower than that of a retard. You’re ruining the pigs’ reputation!”

    “…!! You!!” Su Tiantian could barely hold in her anger any longer.

    “You? What you? Don’t give me your crap. Go back and refine your villainess pose first then we’ll talk!”

    Ning Meng’s words were like the sharpest sword, cutting everything in its path. Su Tiantian was not able to retort at all. Gripping her fists, Su Tiantian flashed a cold smile at Ning Wentao, “Uncle, I’ll be waiting for you after the box office’s results are out!”

    She wanted to see for herself. Would Ning Wentao kneel in front of her in tears? Oh, she could not wait to tear Ning Meng’s bitchy mouth apart when that happened!

    After saying this, she furiously upped and left.