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Chapter 72 - Ning Wentao, the Super Dad!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 72: Ning Wentao, the Super Dad!

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    Ning Meng could still remember very clearly—the box office results for the first day had been10 million yuan. It was hardly an impressive number, however, after its premiere, the movie gradually did better due to its high quality in production values.

    Now? Even being pinned down by “The Hero”, “Shifting to Mars” could still make 40 million yuan. That was, in fact, good news. She knew that this would get better tomorrow.

    However, the investors were not buying it.

    “Investment return? You’re too naive!”

    “Only 40 million on the first day! And there’s also ‘The Hero’ pinning us down. How are we going to get more ticket sales?”

    Ning Wentao was still sitting there silently—he was not happy either.

    Before long, the investors started to shift the blame to Ning Meng.

    “I’ve warned you all before. This kid is just messing around. Ms. Ning, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!”

    “Mr. Ning, you love your daughter, we understand that. But we’ve never seen anyone pampering his daughter to the point of toying around with the company’s funds like this! What do you think our company is? Your playground?”


    Ning Wentao hammered his fist onto the meeting table, silencing the entire room!

    “You can talk shit about me all you want. But my daughter? Never! How did our company get our first top-tier idol, Lin Qingbei? Yes, it was all thanks to my daughter. And now you’re trying to imply that she is a good-for-nothing?”

    “That’s just luck. She was lucky.”

    “Even so, having such luck is still an impressive capability.” Ning Wentao replied with a smirk, “Besides…”

    He swept his glare across everyone in the meeting room. “I still hold 60% of the shares of this company. I’ve summoned you here for a meeting because I respect you as contributors of this company. Now imagine… how would I have treated you if I didn’t have a lick of respect for you?”

    The investors were boiling in anger after hearing this.

    “Then what about that resignation agreement?”

    Ning Wentao shut his eyes and calmly retorted, “My daughter’s words are final. It’s still too early for you backstabbing hyenas to come drooling at my doors. Let’s give it a month and we’ll see who’s laughing.”

    After finishing what he had to say, Ning Wentao walked out furiously, and seeing this, Ning Meng hurriedly followed after him. This was the first time she was seeing him let off such a powerful aura.

    Once they were back in Ning Wentao’s office, Ning Meng exclaimed in excitement, “Dad! Wow! You were so cool back there! You are my Super Dad!”

    Ning Wentao, on the other hand, sat down on his chair weakly and sobbed, “Ning Meng, that’s my last rite in the company. Henceforth, I’ll leave the company to you. Make me proud, okay?”

    Then, he walked to his sofa and started typing messages on his phone. “I’ll send a few Wechat messages to our relatives to support your movie now.”



    Ning Meng went straight back home after all the ruckus.

    After feeding Xiao Tiantian its dinner, she cuddled with the dog on the living room’s sofa. Suddenly, her phone vibrated—it was the Wechat group she and the gang were in.

    Qi Shan: [Here. A token of support. Now, don’t you go getting the wrong idea. It’s so that your movie won’t do too poorly. @Ning Meng]

    Under the message were two attached pictures, showing two fully booked theatres for the movie “Shifting to Mars”.

    Su Ye: [The cheap bastard is bleeding his wallet. What a rare sight.]

    Qi Shan: [??? Wait. I’ve just gotten the news that you’ve invited all the staff in the secretary department to watch the movie. If you’ve done that, who will I invite to come to my booked theatres!? @Su Ye]

    Su Ye: [There are still other departments.]

    Su Ye then pulled “Fei Bai” into the group.

    Su Ye: [Fei Bai has asked the security department. You can try the PR department next. @Qi Shan]

    Qi Shan: […]

    Seeing this, Ning Meng could feel a warmth flowing in her heart.

    Ning Meng: [Thank you, my bosses. You rock!]

    Qi Shan: [It’s just spending a few bucks. Don’t mention it.]

    Ning Meng, unable to hold back the urge to roast him, typed: [Yeah… but the problem is… you are poor af.]

    Qi Shan: […]