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Chapter 73 - So, You’re Rich Then?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 73: So, You’re Rich Then?

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    On the top floor in the headquarters of Huo Group—the skyscraper that penetrated through the heavens in the middle of the city…

    Huo Beichen was still working at his desk. Suddenly, he heard heavy breathing next to him, and as he raised his head, he saw Qi Shan staring at his phone furiously.

    “Boss, this woman is such a brat!”

    His smooth scribbling stopped upon hearing this, and Huo Beichen shot a look at Qi Shan’s phone and asked, “What?”

    Qi Shan responded, “I’m supporting her movie out of the kindness of my heart. And yet, she still dares to say I’m poor! Boss, how can she be so ungrateful?”

    Huo Beichen raised his eyebrows and glared coldly at him. “So, you’re rich then?”


    Sure, he had some money, but it was nothing compared to the great Huo Beichen!

    “Hahaha!” Su Ye could not help but burst out into laughter. Seeing his boss throwing him a look, Su Ye asked, “Sir, me, Qi Shan, and Fei Bai have each spent 20,000 yuan to support the missus’ movie. How much are you spending to support her?”

    Huo Beichen lowered his head and continued working on his documents. “There’s no need to.”

    He had read the movie’s proposal. If the production team had put in the effort, the movie would definitely be huge.

    Su Ye said, “Sir, the movie’s premiere isn’t doing too well. The missus must be depressed right about now. I do suggest helping her.”

    Huo Beichen raised his head and looked out the window, recalling how positively insistent she had been when asking him to invest in the movie.

    “She isn’t depressed.”


    When nightfall arrived, Huo Beichen left the company right on time.

    As soon as he got home, Huo Beichen noticed that the house was not lit. Not giving it any further thought, he switched on the lights and slipped on his indoor slippers.

    As he was about to walk upstairs, he felt the presence of something was behind him. Quickly, he turned around and he saw her—Ning Meng was lying on the sofa in her crimson silk pajamas, fast asleep and hugging the huge dog for warmth and comfort.

    Her snowy legs were curled up to her chest while her long, black silky hair was curtaining the entire sofa.

    As he walked closer, Huo Beichen could see her mouth was slightly agape and there was a shade of red on the rim of her eyes, a few drops of tears dangling on her curly eyelashes.

    Huo Beichen felt a jolt of surprise when he saw this.

    She was… crying?

    As he was standing there surprised at what he saw, Ning Meng let out a long yawn and woke up. The light that Huo Beichen had switched on earlier was glaring at her eyelids, forcing her to wake up.

    Rubbing her eyes drowsily, Ning Meng saw her husband standing near her. Surprised, she sat up hurriedly. “Oh, hubby~ you’re back? Are you hungry? I’m sorry, I must have dozed off earlier. I’ll go get you some noodles!”

    She hastily stood up to hurry into the kitchen.

    “No, there’s no need.”

    Ning Meng looked at him curiously. “So, you’ve eaten?”

    Huo Beichen looked her momentarily before asking, “What about you?”

    Perhaps it was because his cold, tall figure was blocking the light, but it felt as though there was a rim of gentle rays beaming around him.

    After staring at him for a while, Ning Meng shook her head.

    “Then, I’ll send someone to fetch dinner.”

    Having said that, he slowly walked up to his bedroom. For awhile, Huo Beichen stood in front of his closet thinking about what he had just seen.

    Pfft. That woman… she must have been worried sick about the movie not doing so well… she had even cried in her sleep… what a bother.

    After a slight pause, he took out his phone and sent a message to Qi Shan.

    [Everyone in Huo Group will watch “Shifting to Mars” tonight. Tell the staff that they can bring their friends and family too. They don’t need to pay a dime, it’s all on the company’s bill.]

    Next, he sent a message to the butler.


    A moment later, he added.

    [Send more.]

    Now then, that woman would surely be pleased?

    Meanwhile, Ning Meng was looking at her reflection in the bathroom.

    Tapping her hands on her cheeks, Ning Meng sighed.

    “Oh dear me, that TV drama was such a tear-jerker! Geez, my eyes are all red!”