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Chapter 74 - The Abnormal Ning Wentao

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 74: The Abnormal Ning Wentao

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    Ning Meng was not into social media, thus, she did not know about the storm that was bursting forth in various social media platforms at the moment.

    Everyone was praising the special effects, acting, and script of “Shifting to Mars”. They were nothing less than perfection, almost equivalent to the big-budget Hollywood sci-fi movies!

    So many viewers were completely amazed by it that they sat through several viewing sessions to enjoy it. On Douban, the movie’s score was 8.8!

    On the other hand, “The Hero” was not doing so well. Only Su Tiantian’s fans were praising it while the film critics stated that the movie’s quality paled in comparison to its competitors. In fact, the only good thing about “The Hero” was Su Tiantian’s involvement, but even so, her acting skill was only subpar. One actress was not enough to make the movie great.

    Unlike Ning Meng who was sleeping soundly, the staff at Tianxin Entertainment were doing all they could to suppress the negative reviews. Meanwhile, Su Tiantian was also sleeping soundly on her bed, not realizing just how bad the situation was getting for her with each passing moment.

    Her words before hitting the sack were, “Only the small-time movies would garner 100% positive reviews. We, on the other hand, are making real movies, so it’s only natural for us to have a few haters. Those are unimportant, the one that has the final say is the box office results!”


    The next morning.

    When Ning Meng went downstairs, she saw something unusual—Huo Beichen was sitting at the dining hall all by himself with a full table of breakfast. This breakfast was probably sent from the Huos’ mansion.

    Huo Beichen was reading the newspapers, and when he heard footsteps from the stairs, he raised his head and gazed cooly at her.

    Ning Meng anxiously greeted him, “Good morning, Lord Chen. Oh my, seeing your majestically handsome excellency first thing in the morning~ it makes me so happy!”

    Putting down his newspapers, Huo Beichen ordered, “… eat.”

    “Alrighty then! Coming!”

    Ning Meng hopped into the kitchen to get some coffee before sitting at the dining table.

    Huo Beichen took a glance at her cup—it was black coffee.

    A frown crept on his face.

    She had not eaten a bite yet and she was drinking black coffee? This could hurt her stomach.

    Still, he pretended to not care. “Not adding any milk or sugar?”

    “No, there’s no need.”

    Ning Meng smiled at him sweetly. “You are my sugar.”


    After rubbing her sleep-logged eyes, Ning Meng drank all her coffee in one gulp before munching down her bread. Seeing this, Huo Beichen recalled what had happened last night.

    “The movie is going to do well.” Huo Beichen tried to squeeze out some words of comfort.

    “I m’ufffow.” (I know) Ning Meng replied with a mouthful of food.


    She knew? She knew and yet she cried. Man, women were difficult and too unpredictable.

    After gobbling down her breakfast, Ning Meng stood up and raised her mirror.

    “Oh no… my eyes are swollen red. What if the others think that I was crying. It’s going to be so embarrassing.”

    Huo Beichen comforted, “Don’t worry…”

    However, before he could complete his sentence, Ning Meng had slowly stepped out of the dining hall. “I won’t watch those TV soaps anymore, otherwise, the others might think I was crying about the movie’s ticket sales.”


    Ning Meng could feel a rush of cold air run down her back, but she did not have time to think about it and quickly headed to her car.

    A moment later, she had arrived at Lemon Entertainment.

    When Ning Meng walked into her dad’s office, she noticed something was unusual with Ning Wentao. He was wearing a full white suit and had combed his hair with hair gel. He was in the middle of using a face mask when Ning Meng walked into his office.

    “Oh, Meng Meng! You’re here!”


    Without waiting for her response, Ning Wentao looked at his watch.

    “It’s time.”

    He tore off his face mask to wash his face. Looking at his face that now looked energized, Ning Wentao said, “Let’s go.”

    Ning Meng followed with questions still floating in her head.

    As they entered the meeting room, she saw that Han Meilin was also there, wearing an elegant office dress set. Her hair was neatly done up and her lipstick today was purple in color.

    Ning Wentao politely greeted her, “Good day, Ms. Han. Don’t worry, I have full confidence in you.”

    Then, he strode elegantly to his seat and sat down with a great flourish.

    “Is the box office results out yet?”

    Ning Meng was speechless upon seeing her father’s abnormal behavior.