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Chapter 75 - Shocking Results

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 75: Shocking Results

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    A staff replied, “We still need to wait for two more minutes.”

    Ning Wentao nodded.

    “Dad, what does Aunt Meilin’s purple lipstick mean?”

    “She’s nervous.” Ning Wentao whispered his answer.

    ‘Ah, I see…’ Ning Meng thought to herself.

    She looked at her father, Ning Wentao, and then at Han Meilin. She could not help but be curious about their past.

    Meanwhile, Han Meilin’s “Super Woman” aura was so strong that every investor in the room was just sitting there quietly, and for quite some time, there was no sound other than the sounds of breathing and heartbeats in the meeting room.

    Ning Wentao jerked his chin at Han Meilin. “Ms. Han, have you had your breakfast yet?”

    Han Meilin shot a look at him and remained quiet.

    Ning Wentao then beamed a cajoling smile. “It’s been years since we last met. You’re still as beautiful as ever, Ms. Han.”

    A glower covered Han Meilin’s face. “You’re just old now.”

    Ning Wentao’s smile instantly froze upon his face. After the corner of his mouth twitched a few times, he looked at Ning Meng and whispered frantically.

    “Meng Meng, do I look old? I just used a face mask earlier, how could I look old!?”


    Ning Meng forced out a smile before glancing over at Han Meilin, and for a brief moment, she caught a soft smirk in Han Meilin’s eyes.

    Suddenly, someone opened the door—it was Cao Xuehua. She headed straight to the seat next to Ning Wentao and sat down. She then loudly greeted the company guest, as if she owned the company, “Oh, Ms. Han. What a rare visit. Welcome to Lemon Entertainment. What can we do for you?”

    Han Meilin’s friendly smile turned into a cold glare in an instant. Shutting her eyes, Han Meilin said, “I’m here to tell you that I won’t be taking a cent out from the box office. The returns are all yours.”

    Ning Wentao quickly tried to retort, “No… there’s no need…”

    However, Cao Xuehua interrupted him. “Ms. Han, you’re too kind. Indeed, without our help, it would be impossible for your movie to see the light of day. Still, please allow us to do the most gracious thing and let you keep the box office returns. Take it as a charity, you know, out of the kindness of Lemon Entertainment.”

    A rush of anger surged up in Han Meilin’s mind. Just as she was about to retort furiously…

    “Shut your mouth.”

    Ning Wentao was the first to counter Cao Xuehua’s ridicule.

    Ning Wentao glared straight into Cao Xuehua’s eyes and asked, “Just what did you mean by that?”

    Cao Xuehua mocked up a saddened look as if she had been wronged. “What? I’m right, am I not? Don’t tell me you want to keep that small meager amount of money that this woman’s movie will make?”

    “No, of course not…”

    He looked anxiously at Han Meilin, still rather tongue-tied.

    Cao Xuehua continued on with a smirk. “4 years ago, we did offer our advice to Ms. Han. Don’t go for the extremes and don’t entertain such a niche market. Just follow the usual successful formula and make movies that would make money. Yet, she was stubborn. Now, my daughter’s movie is two times more successful than yours.”

    Han Meilin’s face was colored red in anger upon hearing her mocking words. Seeing this, Cao Xuehua felt an immense amount of satisfaction.

    This Han Meilin had been a great maiden of a noble, and yet, the love of her life had been robbed from her. And now? The woman who had taken her man had a daughter who had made a better movie than her.

    What a thrill.

    Ning Meng suddenly opened her mouth.

    “Cao Xuehua, are you sure that you don’t want Aunt Meilin’s box office returns?”

    Her words broke the ice between the three of them.

    Cao Xuehua let out a coy smirk. “Of course I don’t want it. We need to be kind and allow Ms. Han to move on with her life with at least a few comforts. That’s the least we could do.”

    Ning Meng then replied with a mischievous grin.

    “Okay~ Just don’t regret it later~”

    As soon as she had finished her words, suddenly, the staff yelled out in astonishment.

    “The box office results are out!”

    He stared at the computer screen, unable to believe what he saw. “How… how can this be?”

    Everyone focused their eyes on him.

    “Is it over? Did we at least get back the ten million?”

    The staff then raised his head and looked at everyone in the room with a conflicted expression. Subsequently, he pulled up the box office results onto the big screen.

    Number 1—”Shifting to Mars”. 1.5 billion yuan.

    Number 2—”The Hero”. 60 million yuan.

    The results were shocking! Shocking indeed!