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Chapter 76 - How’s Your Sore Face?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 76: How’s Your Sore Face?

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    Ning Meng was shocked as well. As she remembered, the movie would indeed make twice the amount of money on the first day, but the real big break would come at a much later date. Yet now, its box office returns had reached the peak… no… it was only the second, so… the number could go even higher than this…

    When she pulled herself together, Ning Meng saw the bewildered look on Han Meilin’s cold, beautiful face. Ning Wentao also thought he had seen it wrongly, rubbing his eyes and staring at the screen once again. Suddenly, he fiercely held his chest and almost fell over.

    Cao Xuehua, too, could not believe her eyes.

    The investors were also immensely surprised—their eyes were fixated on the screen, fearing that if they shifted their attention away, the numbers would vanish into thin air.

    Ning Meng was the first to break the ice.

    “Cao Xuehua, did you say our box office results would be two times lower than Su Tiantian’s?”

    Lower? It was two times higher than Su Tiantian’s!

    “Shifting to Mars” had surpassed “The Hero” in its box office returns in just one day! “The Hero”, from henceforth, would only get gradually lower returns day by day. “Shifting to Mars”, in contrast, had not spent much on marketing, relying only on the audiences’ reviews and the power of word-of-mouth—the movie results would only get better as the days went by.

    After seeing its performance today, everyone was predicting that “Shifting to Mars” could make much more than today’s 1 billion yuan. Cao Xuehua’s face turned red as though she had just received a resounding slap on her face.

    Ning Meng continued with her roasting. “Ms. Cao, I do recall you saying that you didn’t care about Aunt Meilin’s box office returns at all? Wow~ you couldn’t care less about over 1 billion yuan! Oh my~ you must be some celestial being~ money is just worthless to you, huh?”

    Cao Xuehua’s body was shaking from surprise and anger, her mouth was wide open but no words could be heard.

    Ning Meng inched closer and taunted her.

    “Cao Xuehua, how’s your sore face? Hmm~?”

    Without pausing, she continued, “Oh no, of course it’s doing fine. Your face is already flying in the sky. Gosh, look at your thin, pale figure! You don’t look like your old pig-self anymore! What a miracle!”


    Cao Xuehua knew this woman was really sharp with her tongue. Thus, she just stood there and said nothing, for if she did, she would get worse insults than what she was receiving at the moment.

    Once she was done with Cao Xuehua, Ning Meng swept her cold glare at every investor in the room. They were so scared that their bodies were shaking. Recalling how they were planning to backstab both her and her dad, Ning Meng smirked. “Dear uncles, I’m so sorry but the fun is over. However! It’s still not too late to come and pretend that we’re still buddies. Right?”


    After letting off her steam, Ning Meng walked over to her father to help him up.

    “Dad, Aunt Meilin, let’s have a chat in the office, shall we?”

    Hearing the words “Aunt Meilin”, Ning Wentao quickly pulled himself together.

    Despite still being in a state of shock, he stood up straight and walked away from his seat.

    “Yes, yes… Ms. Han, it’s quite a rare occasion for you to visit us, after all. How about a nice cup of tea in my office?”

    Following which, Ning Wentao quickly turned his face to the others in the meeting room.

    “Heh. It’s just 1 billion! Look at all of you looking as though you’ve seen a ghost! How pathetic!”


    Han Meilin had wanted to poke fun at Ning Wentao and reject his invitation, but after seeing Ning Meng’s friendly smile, she followed the Nings out of the meeting room.

    As soon as they entered Ning Wentao’s office, Cao Xuehua rushed in and hugged his legs.

    “Oh my dear husband, I’m so sorry. I was just being jealous, but I know I was wrong now. Come, let me get you your tea~”


    Ning Meng and Han Meilin were speechless.

    Ning Wentao was also surprised to see her like this. Trying to push away the woman who was clinging to him tightly like a koala bear, Ning Wentao asked, “What are you doing?”

    Ning Meng crossed her arms on her chest, “Oooh, yes! Cao Xuehua, just what do you think you’re doing? Spring is already long over, isn’t it too late for a 50-year-old woman like you to be so sexually depraved?”


    Cao Xuehua and Ning Wentao were speechless upon hearing this, while Han Meilin, on the other hand, could not hold back her snigger.