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Chapter 77 - Why Did You Marry Her?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 77: Why Did You Marry Her?

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    Cao Xuehua was stunned, and with her arms still locked around Ning Wentao’s legs, she glared at Han Meilin.

    Ignoring her, Han Meilin turned to Ning Meng. “I think I should leave. Let’s have tea at my place next time.”

    Ning Meng knew that it would be difficult to change her mind.

    “Aunt Meilin, let me see you out.”

    On the way to the exit, Ning Meng peeked at Han Meilin’s face. There appeared to be nothing wrong, save for a dark shadow that was clouding over her eyes.

    Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief. She held a great deal of respect for Han Meilin—she had devoted her whole life to developing sci-fi movies in the country when no one else would. It was an admirable feat.

    Just as she was deep in thought, suddenly, Han Meilin’s phone rang. Without excusing herself, Han Meilin received the phone call in front of Ning Meng, her face turning grim in an instant.

    “Okay, noted. Please keep an eye on him.”

    Han Meilin let out a long sigh after hanging up.

    Ning Meng asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

    Han Meilin’s face was pinched into a frown. “That nephew of mine… he skipped his class to play video games again. It’s… it’s my fault. I’ve spent so many years making films and I’ve neglected him. He was such a good boy, yet now… he’s on a stray path.”

    Suddenly, she looked at Ning Meng.

    “Meng Meng, would it be alright if I asked you to help him? Perhaps it would be easier for him to listen to people who were closer to his age.”

    Ning Meng could not find it in herself to decline her request.

    “Sure. Give me his contact number and I’ll see what I can do.”

    Hearing this, Han Meilin happily took out her phone to use the WeChat app to add Ning Meng as her contact.

    After seeing Han Meilin out, Ning Meng went back to her father’s office. As soon as she reached the door, she could hear Ning Wentao’s voice.

    “Hey, hey, she’s already gone. What’s there for you to be jealous of now?”

    Cao Xuehua replied, “Wentao, please remember that I am your wife, not her! Not only did you invest in her movie, but you also met her in person today. Did you not see her just now? Her eyes were practically glued onto you the whole time!”

    Ning Wentao sat up straight, “No, I didn’t see her looking at me like that at all. In fact, if anything, I felt as though she only scorned me…”

    Ning Meng was so speechless—the disappointment in his voice was very evident! Naturally, Cao Xuehua started to get angrier and even more hysterical.

    “Tell me! Do you still love her?!”

    “Just what are you on about…”

    “No, don’t you dare try to change the topic! You know the answer in your heart very clearly!” Cao Xuehua’s voice was shaking—it seemed as though she was actually being serious.

    “You promised me! You promised me that I was going to be the only woman that you loved aside from Meng Meng’s mom…”

    Ning Wentao started to get impatient, “Love… what love? Can’t you see how old we are now?”

    “What? I’ve held this in my chest for all these years and you’re not going to allow me to let it all out?!”

    “… fine, spill it all out. Go.”

    “After what happened that day, we had to be married. There was no other way. And your words were very clear—you would never fall for anyone else ever. Yet, I loved you and I was willing to spend my entire life with you even if you didn’t love me. I even complied with your wish to sleep in separate rooms. But still, if you love her…! What were all those years I’ve spent with you for?”

    Cao Xuehua then covered her teary face with her hands. “When we got married, I wanted nothing. Nothing at all. I even signed the prenuptial agreement. I know Tiantian has angered you just the other day, but could you please think about me just this once? Tiantian is my daughter. She just wanted to care for me. I’ve spent 8 years with you and I’ve got nothing under my name…”

    Hearing this, Ning Wentao had no excuse.

    “Fine. I promise you. From now on, I will never see Han Meilin ever again.”

    “Good. Your words, not mine.”

    After Cao Xuehua left, Ning Meng crept back into her father’s office and asked the one question that had been bugging her for quite some time.

    “Dad, why did you marry Aunt Cao back then?”