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Chapter 78 - : Hello, Dear Wife~~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 78: Hello, Dear Wife~~

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    Upon hearing his daughter’s question, Ning Wentao’s tears started rolling down his cheek.

    Ning Meng quickly comforted him. “What’s wrong, dad? The movie was a big hit, wasn’t it? Or is this about Aunt Meilin…”

    Ning Wentao was touched and gazed deeply at his daughter. “Yes. My dear daughter has finally learned how to make money, I’m so happy. Your mom would be so proud of you!”


    This man… if they suffered a loss, he cried; when they hit the jackpot, he still cried…

    Ning Meng forced a smile after hearing her father’s words. Then, she saw him take out his phone and start dialing.

    “Hey, sister-in-law? Yes, yes… thank you for supporting our movie! Yes… yes indeed! I know, right! Wow, the movie is rolling in so much money now. Hahaha!! Oh yes, you’re right. It was Meng Meng that made the call. Oh dear, my girl is all grown up now… aha, yes, I thought the same too. She is just like me, we both have good eyes in making investments…”

    After that, he dialed up another number.

    “Hey, nephew, how’s going…!!”

    “Hello, cousin-in-law…!!”

    A dozen phone calls later, Ning Wentao was sitting there pondering over something for a long while, when suddenly…

    “Oh yes, I haven’t called up your third aunt’s grandma’s nephew’s cousin!”


    Ning Meng was speechless.

    After making numerous phone calls in that one hour, Ning Wentao let out a long sigh.

    “Oh, dear me, why do we have so few members in our family circle?”


    “Meng Meng, did you say something just now?”

    Ning Meng, seeing that her father had finally pulled himself together, repeated her earlier question.

    “… why did you marry Aunt Cao? You don’t even like her at all, do you?”

    Ning Wentao let out another long sigh. “This… this is a long story… yes, yes… I know. I’ll make it short.”

    “…” Ning Meng’s eyes were still inquisitively locked onto her father’s eyes.

    Ning Wentao began to explain. “Five years after your mom’s passing, I had not set my eyes on any woman. There was even a rumor about me suffering an erectile dysfunction… then, one night… I had had one too many at the bar and… your Aunt Cao and I had… well… we did you-know-what and a paparazzo took a picture… that was how a scandal started and our company’s stocks were going downhill. To preserve our company’s reputation, I married her.”

    After a brief pause, he hurriedly explained further, “And this stepmother of yours… you liked her back then. I do not know why, but although you and Su Tiantian did not get along well from the start, you actually liked your stepmom back then. So… I thought that she could be a good mother to you.”

    Ning Wentao did not touch on the prenuptial agreement in order to save Cao Xuehua’s face.

    After hearing her father’s explanation, Ning Meng let out a sigh.

    Now she understood why there were so many women who took a liking to her father despite not looking too bright. Ning Wentao had a certain charm to him, and on top of that, he did not blame his mischief on Cao Xuehua at all.

    Sure, Ning Wentao may not be a good man, but he was a good father.

    Ning Meng then questioned further, “So, now that I don’t like her anymore, would you agree to a divorce then?”

    Ning Wentao was surprised to hear this. “No. That isn’t right. She has been faithful all this while. Besides, if we were to get divorced, the company’s shares would be delegated to her. I can’t do that! Those are meant to be your inheritance!”


    Well, she knew it was a difficult move anyway.

    “Alright. I’ll head out now.”

    Just as Ning Meng reached the door, she could hear her father make another phone call.

    “Iron balls… hey~ long time no see, my dear old friend! Hahaha! Yeah, it’s me. Your best friend in elementary school! Yes, indeed! Hey, have you heard? My daughter invested in a movie…”



    When she went back to the villa, Ning Meng saw Huo Beichen sitting on the sofa—he appeared to have skipped work today.

    Just as she was about to kitten up to him, her phone rang. It was the WeChat app.

    Han Meilin’s nephew had confirmed her friend request and was ringing up a WeChat Call to her.

    Ning Meng curiously picked it up.

    Subsequently, a very soft, kiddish voice could be heard.

    “Hello? Oh, my dear wife. You’ve finally responded to me. Sob…”


    Ning Meng was puzzled to hear this.

    Suddenly, she could feel a swell of pressure from her back, tensing up her entire body. Ning Meng slowly turned her head like a robot and saw Huo Beichen’s darkened face.