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Chapter 80 - Sis, I Love You~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 80: Sis, I Love You~

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    Ning Meng was scared shitless. She could feel the violent sting of Meilin’s murderous intent running through her entire body.

    She quickly replied to Han Meilin: [Aunt Meilin, it’s alright. There’s no need to investigate.]

    Han Meilin: [Why? She drove God to depression and we’re going to let her get away? No, I must end her! Or I’ll forgo my surname, Han!]

    Ning Meng could feel a freezing puff of wind on the back of her neck. She was so scared that she could cry, however, crying would not solve her problem.

    Ning Meng: [I have contacted God earlier, he’s heading back to his dormitory now. He will be fine.]

    Han Meilin: [Really?]

    Ning Meng: [Really.]

    Han Meili: [Meng Meng, thank you so much. Please spend some time with him for me. You’re both about the same age, so maybe he’ll listen to you more. His mom died when he was very young and he has been living with me since. He yearns for love which is probably why he was cheated by that dirty fox of a woman online. If God cannot move on from this, I’ll definitely slay that woman with my own bare hands!]


    Ning Meng quickly replied: [Aunt Meilin, don’t worry. He will move on!]

    After sending that text, Ning Meng rubbed her hand on her forehead, trying to wipe off the figurative sweat that she could almost feel rolling down.

    Now, back to the voice messages.

    The boy noticed that Ning Meng had not responded for a long time, and so, he sent another voice message.

    “Waifu~ I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking a lot about it the last few days. I should have given you that Med Kit. Please forgive me, okay?”


    Wait, “Original Ning Meng” had broken up with him because of a Med Kit? The corner of her mouth twitched furiously when she discovered this fact.

    “… um, sure. I forgive you.”

    “Yay~ I’m so happy~”

    “… are you at an internet cafe right now?”

    “Yes. Well, you’ve blacklisted me on WeChat and I didn’t have any other means of contacting you, so, I needed to be in the game all the time in case you came to find me online. The university switches off the lights and cuts off the internet at midnight. I’ve been spending my days at the internet cafe waiting for you.”


    Aww, poor thing.

    Ning Meng then ordered him, “Alright. Go back to your dormitory now.”

    “Yes, my waifu.”

    His voice was high-pitched, soft and sweet, like a puppy. Hearing this, Ning Meng felt the urge to pat his head.

    “… and don’t call me your wife.”

    The puppy boy responded anxiously, “But… but why? Are you still angry at me?”

    “No. It’s just… you’re too young. You should call me big sis!”

    The puppy boy sounded reluctant but still complied.

    “Of course, sis. Sis, please wait for me. When I’m officially 22 years old, I’ll come to marry you.”


    After comforting God, Ning Meng felt as though she had lost every single jolt of energy in her body. Switching off her WeChat, she lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

    From what she knew from Han Meilin’s words, this boy was a sensitive little brat. If she told him that she was already married, would he do something… drastic?

    Ning Meng’s head was aching again.

    What should she do?

    5 minutes later, her phone vibrated.

    Ning Meng raised her phone and saw a WeChat message from “God”.

    “God”: [Sis, I’m at the dormitory now.]

    Ning Meng: [Good boy.]

    “God”: [Sis, I love you. (′▽`〃)]


    Ning Meng put down her phone, trying to calm herself down.

    D*mn it, she was about to lose her mind!!!

    Suddenly, a loud bang could be heard from outside. It was Huo Beichen shutting his door angrily.

    Ning Meng stood up and snuck up to her door to take a peek—hmm, the study’s lights were lit and she could feel Huo Beichen’s angry aura fan across the two doors.

    As Ning Meng was puzzling about what was going on, her phone vibrated again.

    Su Ye: [A friendly hint. Did the boss hear you earlier when you yelled your voice message at Qi Shan?]

    Ning Meng: [???]

    Su Ye: [Last night, Qi Shan, Fei Bai, and I each bought 20,000 tickets. Boss bought 500,000 tickets.]

    Ning Meng: [!!!]