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Chapter 94 - A Goddess is Truly a Goddess

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 94: A Goddess is Truly a Goddess

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    The instructor still did not know that somebody was staring at him. He just kept yelling at the four girls from Qianmo’s dormitory room.

    At this time, the lunch break had just ended. The other freshmen were also in the field. After undergoing a few days of training, they did not even take a side glance at the girls who were carrying their quilts under the tree. Everyone was used to it.

    However, Yu Changmo was different.

    Although the unit he was in was also well-known for its strictness and he himself had sprouted even more vicious words when he was leading his troops, seeing his goddess being bellowed at, Yu Changmo felt a nameless fire burning inside him as he stood on the spot and watched the proceedings.

    The instructor, who did not know that disaster was about to befall him, ridiculed the girls before taking out his stopwatch and yelling at them to begin. Swiftly, the four girls started folding.

    Instructor Ma had originally intended to catch Qianmo’s lie and punish her for it. But once Qianmo started, he understood how amazing she was.

    Seeing that Qianmo was able to methodically fold the quilt into the required shape, Instructor Ma’s face turned dark.

    Qianmo’s speed was not that fast this time. She was using about half the speed than earlier so that she could be on par with the other girls. However, the difference in quality was obvious at a glance. Although Boss Lu did not understand why Qianmo had slowed down, she followed her lead and slowed down as well.

    The four girls finished at almost the same time. Qianmo’s quilt was folded the best, followed by Boss Lu. Mayou’s quilt had reached the passing standard, and Duoduo…

    Well, hers still failed.

    Yu Changmo glanced at his watch. Fifteen minutes.

    His goddess was a freshman. To have such hand speed and produce such quality without undergoing training showed that she was a talented, outstanding beauty. She was beautiful inside and out… It was unclear how quilt folding was related to having a pretty soul, though.

    1At that moment, Black thought of more than 500 phrases to praise Qianmo.

    For a freshman in the police school, her quilt had definitely passed—no, it could be said to be exceptional.

    Naturally, Instructor Ma knew this, but he felt like she had put him on the spot.

    Initially, he could not stand Chen Qianmo’s character and wanted to take this opportunity to punish her.

    The day before Qianmo arrived, he received a call from a friend, saying that Chen Qianmo’s family was tyrannical in Q city that would oppress companies in the same trade and were loan sharks. Especially in the past few days when she was not in school, she had extorted 350,000 from a divorced woman. Furthermore, she had done it so flawlessly that there was no way to sue her.

    After the poor woman had been milked of her hard-earned money, she was so aggrieved that she wished she was dead. In fact, it was said that she had tried to commit suicide several times.

    This incident made Instructor Ma extremely furious.

    Although they did not have a police rank as of yet, most of them would enter the police force after graduation.

    1Instructor Ma wanted to take this opportunity to sort Chen Qianmo out and also wished to find out about her background. Who knew that she had hidden herself so deeply. The calmer she was and the more she did not beg for mercy, the more Instructor Ma wanted to punish her.

    As a result, it was like the heavy snow pushing down on the pine tree, but the pine tree still continued to stand upright. Qianmo was not reckless or impulsive, yet she was full of pride, refusing to bend and give in.

    “You… and you! Fail!” Instructor Ma pointed to Qianmo and Boss Lu.

    Luo Duoduo immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the instructor’s target was not her.

    Although the instructor did not call out Mayou’s name as one of the failures, this hot-blooded girl completely forgot what Qianmo and Boss Lu had taught her. Unable to control her temper, she stepped forward.

    “Reporting to Instructor, why is theirs a failure? Their quilts are folded better than ours!”

    Luo Duoduo’s eyes bulged till they almost fell out.

    “You want to know the reason? Fine, let me tell you the reason. I asked you to take your bedding. You were asked to bring your quilt and mattress topper, but they didn’t bring their mattress topper. If they can’t even understand instructions, how can I trust you to protect our motherland and our citizens? Execute the order! Get ready to do quilt gymnastics!”

    This quilt gymnastics was also a unique feature of freshmen military training. Anyone who failed quilt folding had to run laps around the field with their quilt while shouting, “Quilt, Quilt, I love you. Quilt, Quilt, I let you down.”

    “Just now, you didn’t tell them to bring the mattress topper. You only asked for the bedding!” Mayou was indignant.

    “Execute your orders! Why is there so much nonsense? If you run your mouth off anymore, I’ll punish you as well!”

    “Waving a chicken feather like a token of authority like a despicable person—Oof!”

    Qianmo reached out and covered her mouth to stop her from continuing her tirade.

    Their school was strict in discipline. Unlike other colleges and universities, issues that might seem minor there could be considered very serious in their school.

    It was normal to have strict requirements for police officers. Writing a self-reflection report was considered light punishment. If it was serious, disciplinary action would be taken. That could be a significant problem if one wished to enter the police force in the future.

    “Thank you, Mayou. Step back and let me handle it.”

    Seeing that Qianmo was no longer as calm as still water, Instructor Ma’s eyes sparkled with pride.

    If Qianmo dared to go against him, he would make a big deal out of it.

    “Instructor, I can do the quilt gymnastics. But, before that, I want to…”

    Qianmo paused for a moment. Suddenly, she mustered up all her energy and spoke in a volume a few times louder than usual, ensuring that all the freshmen and instructors around them could hear her, “I want to challenge you to quilt folding! I will not renege on the number of rounds I need to run, and if you lose, there’s no price to pay. You can also choose not to compete. After all… Although there is no punishment if you lose, losing to a freshman is still shameful.”

    As soon as she yelled out these words, their surroundings immediately fell silent. The other squadrons even stopped training and looked at them.

    Yu Changmo abruptly halted in his footsteps. Just now, he had almost gone up to kick the instructor, who was clearly being a bully.

    “You want to compete against me? Ha? Did I hear you right? I set the fastest record in our faculty. You, a freshman, dare to challenge me?”

    Instructor Ma thought he had misheard.

    “Instructor, please enlighten me!” Qianmo’s voice resounded loudly. She was putting him on the spot.

    At the side, Boss Lu clapped and shouted, “Compete, compete, compete!”

    As soon as she started this rhyme, the other freshmen quickly clapped along.

    Over the past few days, all of them had been extremely exhausted and were feeling somewhat resentful. The conflict between Qianmo and Instructor Ma just happened to allow them to vent their indignation.

    Hence, the whole field was soon filled with applause. Not only the freshmen, but the other instructors were also clapping along. During training, they were instructors. After training, they were just seniors, and possible future colleagues. As they were all in the prime of their life, they were youthful and hot-blooded.

    Since things had come to this point, it was impossible for Instructor Ma to reject the challenge.

    Recalling Qianmo’s slow movements earlier, he was reassured.

    “Okay, I’ll compete against you. If I lose, you don’t have to do the quilt gymnastics. I’ll run instead. If I win…”

    “I’ll run double,” Qianmo said lightly, instantly awing everybody.