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Chapter 95 - Excellent Bone Structure

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 95: Excellent Bone Structure

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    The school had been established for many years, and military training had taken place one after another. However, amongst all the previous batches, there had never been a person who dared to challenge their instructor. Qianmo was the first.

    At this moment, some people recognized her.

    She looked like a fairy with her delicate and exquisite looks. Unexpectedly, she was very firm in handling matters.

    Although it was not known why she got into a dispute with the instructor, she must be extremely strong-willed to challenge him. Everyone was excited to watch this unconventional match.

    Only Yu Changmo broke into a cold sweat out of anxiety for his favorite girl.

    Back in his days in his unit, every once in a while, outstanding paratroopers would be selected for group training. It was survival of the fittest.

    The assessment standard was dozens of times more difficult than this. Sometimes, the trainees who could not cope with the tremendous amount of pressure would behave like Qianmo and challenge their instructor.

    But the probability of winning was practically zero.

    Although the instructors of the police academy were still students who had not yet graduated, those selected were definitely the top students in their faculties with more actual combat experience. Their hands-on knowledge would undoubtedly be the cream of the crop. Quilt folding might seem like a housekeeping matter, but it was one of the important standards used to evaluate the ability of police and military school students.

    Many outsiders did not understand why the quilts had to be folded so neatly, and some people even thought that such formalism was a waste of time. But it was not.

    Even the United States was learning about housekeeping from them now. Good housekeeping could not only help one develop the habit of being rigorous but also established the foundation of being organized, thereby reflecting a positive mental and physical image.

    Hence, Yu Changmo could not help worrying about his goddess. Although she was so radiant and appeared with the sun, moon, and stars under her feet (in his eyes), the most intelligent… A number of praises to be omitted here, no matter how amazing an unpolished gem she was, it had to be polished to shine. Yet, she challenged her instructor almost immediately. Her courage was commendable, but the probability of her winning was not high.

    “You, come over here to time us!” With no other choice, Instructor Ma randomly pointed at a student and passed him his stopwatch. He removed his coat confidently and flexed his wrist. Staring at Qianmo like an eagle looking at its prey, he said to her, “Today, I’ll show you what it means when we say good housekeeping is the basis of excellent students!”

    “Please enlighten me.” Qianmo was not intimidated at all.

    At the order of the temporary referee, both figures turned around at the same time. In his heart, Instructor Ma thought,

    Therefore, he used his fastest speed. But with just a side glance, a chill ran down his spine.

    Qianmo’s movements were too fast, without a trace of her slowness earlier.

    At this moment, not only did Instructor Ma understand, but so did the people surrounding them. Right from the beginning, the campus belle had not revealed all her skills. She had deliberately concealed her true speed!

    Boss Lu put her hands around her mouth and cheered. The surrounding freshmen were all feverish with excitement.

    Instructor Ma was so nervous that there were drops of sweat at the tip of his nose. He was already slower than Qianmo. Once he grew anxious, he even made a mistake, making it harder to catch up to her.

    When Qianmo finished folding, Instructor Ma was only halfway done. She immediately stood at attention.

    “Thank you for letting me win!”

    Yu Changmo heaved a sigh of relief. She was indeed outstanding.

    Instructor Ma accepted his loss whole-heartedly. Although he felt like his face had been trampled on and torn into pieces, he had no choice but to start running his rounds amidst the crowd’s cheers. Strict discipline and a promise was a promise. That was the spirit of the police school.

    Qianmo won the challenge but was not arrogant about it. Carrying her quilt, she quietly headed back to her dormitory. Her roommates followed beside her, feeling equally honored, as if they themselves had won an enormous victory.

    Her batchmates’ adoration and how other people looked at her did not bother Qianmo at all. She would only do what she wanted to do, under the premise of not violating the rules.

    It was not her wish to become famous over one battle. However, seeing that the other party’s hostility was repeatedly directed at her, she refused to continue being bullied like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

    “I didn’t expect you to be so awesome. Fine, you’ve made me have a whole new level of respect for you.”

    Hugging her own quilt, Mayou’s eyes twinkled like little stars. As a single-celled creature, she would worship whoever was justified. Seeing Qianmo challenge Instructor Ma, Mayou was enchanted.

    “I thought you would continue enduring it. I didn’t expect the goddess to be so cool when she explodes…” Unconsciously, Mayou mixed in some unladylike slang.

    “It’s just an ordinary challenge; don’t read too much into it.” Qianmo smiled reservedly with a tinge of mystery.

    Before entering the dormitory building, Qianmo felt as if someone’s gaze was on her, watching her from behind. Turning her head around, she did not notice anything unusual amongst the people on the field.

    Perhaps she had thought wrong. How could her Black possibly be in the school?

    The mixed martial art instructor rushed out of the main building. When they saw Yu Changmo standing there, their eyes shone brightly as they stretched out both hands and approached him.

    “Captain Yu, please excuse me for not going out to meet you.”

    Black replied indifferently, “I’m no longer in my previous army unit now. There’s no need to address me as Captain.”

    The instructor remained enthusiastic, insisting on addressing Black as per how he was addressed back in those days.

    Starting from the sophomore year in the police school, there would be a mixed martial arts class every week, with some majors having more of such classes.

    Mixed martial arts instructors had years of working experience and had won many martial arts competitions. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to become instructors in this school.

    However, compared to a super warrior like Yu Changmo, who had been through real battles with rains of bullets, there was still a huge difference. Back in those days, Yu Changmo was a legend. He was definitely a famed superhero, hot-blooded and full of righteousness.

    “I heard that next month, you’ll be sending a batch of recruits to participate in the interschool martial arts competition between police schools. Is that right? I came over to see if there’s anything that you need my help with.”

    The instructor’s face lit up. Such a wonderful thing was like a pie falling from the sky.

    “We would definitely welcome that. Our training hall is over there. Please follow me. I’ve prepared all the training materials. I would be grateful if you could provide some guidance.”

    Getting some guidance from the best captain back in those days would be extremely beneficial for the students who were about to participate in the martial arts competition.

    Yu Changmo exuded a powerful aura as he said indifferently, “There’s not much meaning to advise you on the printed material.”

    The instructor dared not offend this legendary character, so he cautiously asked, “In that case, you mean…”

    The head of the school was already rushing over here and had ordered him to stall Captain Yu in the meantime. They needed his guidance for mixed martial arts, as well as archery and a bunch of other subjects.

    After all, the Aviation Special Forces was a unit that had gathered all the most advanced training regimens, producing only top-notch warriors. They were the best of soldiers, and everyone accepted that fact.

    Yu Changmo’s gaze landed on the track around the field. Instructor Ma’s singlet was completely drenched in sweat, but he gritted his teeth and continued running. He was the one who had provoked the campus belle, so he would have to finish running even if it meant crying while doing so.

    Pointing at Instructor Ma, Yu Changmo said, “That boy over there looks like he has an excellent bone structure. He seems extraordinary. Bring him over. I’ll spar with him and give him some pointers.”