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Chapter 166 - Lust in a Ruined Temple

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 166: Lust in a Ruined Temple

    Although it was a moonlit night, the jungle was still covered in darkness. Squatting low, Ye Jiuge pondered over a critical problem as she drew circles on the ground.

    Although Ye Jiuge had wanted to meet up with Wan Ziyang, Bai Songling, and Ye Yu, they were not in the Medicine Refinery City. She had no way of finding them!

    In the letter that Wan Ziyang had given her, he had written that there was red mud on the soles of the murdered Spiritual Practitioners’ shoes. If she followed this clue, she should be able to find them.

    However, that would take too long.

    Luo Tian stood still as a statue beside Ye Jiuge.

    When she sighed for the fifth time, he could not help asking, “Eldest Miss, I heard that you have a subordinate named Ye Yu. And that he has a Poisonous Earthworm King, which Master developed?”

    “Indeed!” Ye Jiuge nodded. Then, she asked, “Why do you ask? Can your Poisonous Earthworm Kings communicate with each other?” If so, that would save a lot of time and effort.

    “I can give it a try,” Luo Tian said cautiously.

    “Quickly, do it!” Ye Jiuge stood up and urged Luo Tian hurriedly.

    Luo Tian unfolded his hands, and the red Poisonous Earthworm King came out of his sleeve. It lay obediently in his palm.

    Luo Tian closed his eyes and began to mumble to himself. However, he did not make any sounds.

    The red Poisonous Earthworm King’s eyes began to whirl around. Its body turned in circles on Luo Tian’s palm. It was seemingly trying to find the direction that led to Ye Yu.

    “Small Jun Jun, when did you develop this Legendary Venomous Insect?”

    Ye Jiuge felt that Luo Tian’s Poisonous Earthworm King was much stronger than Ye Yu’s. If she could get a few more for Wan Ziyang and the others, she would not need to fear losing contact with them in the future.

    “Don’t call me ‘Small Jun Jun.'” Although Jun Yichen was expressionless, there was unmistakable irritation in his tone.

    “Jun Yichen is so difficult to pronounce. Furthermore, calling you by your last name makes it seem as if we don’t know each other!” Ye Jiuge grinned. She was not afraid of Jun Yichen’s delicate aloofness.

    Honestly, she found Jun Yichen’s expressionless anger somewhat cute.

    Jun Yichen restrained himself and said, “Then, you can address me as Little Mute.”

    He thought to himself: I will tolerate her for the sake of the Spiritual Beast Pills!

    “But you are not a mute!” Ye Jiuge continued to tease him.

    Jun Yichen thought: D*mned woman, how dare you mock me!

    He was going mad.

    Fortunately, Luo Tian finally opened his eyes. In a low voice, he said, “Eldest Miss, Xiao Hong has found Ye Yu’s location. He is in a bad situation. Let’s head there as soon as possible!”

    Xiao Hong was the name of the Poisonous Earthworm King in his hand.

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge had no time to tease Jun Yichen anymore.

    Luo Tian immediately gave Xiao Hong a command, “Go.”

    The red Poisonous Earthworm King spread its thin wings, which were like a cicada’s, and began to fly rapidly east.

    Ye Jiuge and the rest sped along behind it.


    In a ruined temple, which had been worn down by years of non-repair on the Luoxia Peak, the enshrined statue of the Tudi Gong was mottled beyond recognition.

    The corners of the roof were covered with spider webs, and a thick layer of dust blanketed the floor.

    Moonlight spilled into the temple from a hole in the roof. It illumined a small area in the center, but the surroundings were still shrouded in darkness.

    Ye Yu was holding his breath, hidden in a shadow on a roof beam. In his mouth, he held two Mind-clearing Pills — the last of his supply.

    Ever since he’d known that the Crown Prince had framed Ye Jiuge, Ye Yu had been searching for Liu Yunfei with all his might. He wished to capture her to prove the Eldest Miss’s innocence.

    He had finally traced Liu Yunfei to a place near the ruined temple. He had not expected her trap and had received a palm to his back.

    In the critical moment, he had hidden in the shadows to wait quietly for an opportunity to escape.

    “My little Ye Yu, be obedient. Quick, open the door. I am going to come in,” Liu Yunfei’s sweet and phony voice rang out from outside the ruined temple.

    Then, there was a loud bang.

    The temple’s wooden door flew off and landed on the floor with a thud. It kicked up a large amount of dust.

    Liu Yunfei, as usual, was dressed in pink. The colorful butterflies embroidered onto the hem of her dress danced lightly and gracefully as she moved.

    She strolled into the ruined temple. Her deft and graceful movements were nimble as a butterfly’s.

    Her eyes glowed with a faint red light and swept the entirety of the ruined temple. She laughed to herself as she said, “Little Ye Yu, come out! I will make you really happy!”

    As she spoke, thoughts of love seemed to radiate, and an arousing mood flowed within the temple.

    From where he was standing in the shadows, Ye Yu felt that Liu Yunfei’s sweet and phony voice was like a white feather tickling him from the sole of his foot to the bottom of his heart. It was an unbearable itch.

    The place where Liu Yunfei’s palm had landed on his back had turned burning hot. The surging heat spread from his back to his abdomen. The temperature was intolerable.

    Ye Yu knew that Liu Yunfei had used an aphrodisiac on him. However, his Poisonous Earthworm King had also been injured by Liu Yunfei earlier, so it could not help to cure his poison. He could only rely on the Mind-clearing Pills in his mouth to resist the unbearable lust.

    Even after circling the entire ruined temple, Liu Yunfei did not hear any movement or sound from Ye Yu. She had some admiration for Ye Yu for being able to resist temptation. He was indeed worthy of being saved for the last. His ability to cleanse his heart and limit his desire was comparable to Liuxia Hui’s.

    Since carnal desire was ineffective at drawing him out, Liu Yunfei decided to use another method. She rolled her eyes and took out a white piece of skin from her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    When she opened it up, the skin looked like it had once belonged to a woman. The human hide was intact.

    “Little Ye Yu, this is the skin that I peeled off a beautiful woman the night before yesterday. Do you like it? However, although this skin looks smooth, its texture isn’t right. Speaking of beautiful women, I think that one of the Patriarch’s blood slaves has the prettiest skin.

    “Her skin is as fair as the snow, and she has a red mole on her forehead. She looks like you, so she must be your poor sister — the one Su Junqing sent away.

    “The Patriarch promised to give me the blood slave after I complete this mission. When the moment comes, I will peel her skin off and give it to you as a present, okay?”

    Liu Yunfei became even more excited as she spoke. The pupils of her eyes turned crimson. Even her skin was flushed.

    She was breathing hard as she continued to speak, “I get so excited and happy whenever I think of peeling off your sister’s skin. Little Ye Yu, are you really going to look on helplessly as your sister dies?”

    Ye Yu’s mental state was already hanging by a thread when Liu Yunfei began talking about his sister.

    Different emotions – hatred, worry, anger, and fear began to boil inside his heart. He felt as though he could explode at any time.

    Unwittingly, he swallowed the Mind-clearing Pills in his mouth.

    An extreme frenzy immediately followed the brief, intense coolness.

    Seeing that it had all gone wrong, Ye Yu was about to leave the ruined temple. However, Liu Yunfei’s voice rang out like a demon behind him.

    “I have caught you, my little bunny.”