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Chapter 448 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 24)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     After a while, Di Luo Feng stroked her head and muttered, “Giant Rabbit, I want to share a secret with you.”

    In these three years, no one had known this secret and he had never shared it with anyone.

    But now, he wanted to share this secret with this rabbit that had no abilities, not even being able to talk.

    Perhaps he really was too lonely.

    Or perhaps he missed her too much.

    She followed him into an underground ice cellar.

    There was a faint azure light on the door of the ice cellar which should be an enchantment that he set.

    The stairs were circular and laid with aquamarine tiles, leading the way down.

    The temperature around them became cooler until they stopped outside a crystal door.

    Di Luo Feng slowly picked up two jars of wine from the side and walked in.

    As soon as she went in, Luo Qing Chen felt her body burn like her entire body was boiling without stop.

    After three seconds, she slowly saw that there was an ice coffin in the middle of the large crystal hall.

    There were all kinds of spirit beasts in the crystal cages around them, including the Snow Phoenix and the Snow Qilin.

    Luo Qing Chen was naturally very familiar with them because they were all spirit beasts she tamed when she was a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master.

    Since ancient times, when spirit beasts recognized a master, it would be hard for the spirit beast to survive if the master died.

    Unless a kind-hearted person adopted them, but even then they couldn’t become their master after adopting them.

    After a while, Di Luo Feng’s slightly desolate voice sounded in the air, “Three years, an entire three years. Will you still return and fulfill our promise?”

    He slightly leaned over and carefully groomed the face of the person lying in the ice coffin.

    Every action was very serious.

    He lifted his hand and gently stroked the cheek of the girl lying in the ice coffin, as a faint mist appeared in his deep eyes.

    An ancient saying said that a serious man was the most handsome in this world. Seeing his slightly pursed lips, his white skin that was comparable to the ice coffin by him, and the sparkle in his deep eyes, it was a face that one could never forget after seeing.

    Luo Qing Chen jumped forward two steps and stood in front of the ice coffin. When she saw the person inside, she took a step back in fear.

    He had actually brought…..her corpse back…..

    No wonder he didn’t go back to the Celestial Hall and built a manor in this Calm Martial City.

    So it was for this ice room…...

    “Are you afraid?” He looked at the rabbit her and there was despair in his eyes as he softly said, “If I knew that I would love her this much, I wouldn’t have broken the Other Shore Forgotten River world because at least there was her there.”

    Luo Qing Chen would never forget the time when she was a rabbit and she heard this passionate confession from Di Luo Feng.

    She just felt her heart skip a beat and she really didn’t understand him.

    She thought that he had a strong sense of competition and treated her as a stumbling block on his path as an Imperial Beast Master. Even if the affection kept increasing, she never saw any love from him.

    But seeing this Di Luo Feng today, she remembered his anxious “don’t come over” back at the Jade Wood County. She remembered when he went to the Beast Mound first just to protect her from being hurt.

    And now, he actually brought her corpse back for an obsession that no one could understand.

    Before she even reacted, Di Luo Feng pressed his hands on the ice coffin and kissed the pale face and the bloodless lips.

    The lashes trembled and the breath froze as the air lingered.

    [Ding, affection has increased by ten. Mission completion rate is now 70%.]