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Chapter 96 - Not Looking Down on You, But You’re Incompeten

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 96: Not Looking Down on You, But You’re Incompetent

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    Whatever Yu Changmo said, the instructor dared not obey. With just one glance, he immediately recognized that the pointed person just so happened to be an outstanding student who would also be participating in the competition the following month. Plus, Ma Jingtian was one of the students he was guiding.

    Hurriedly, he called Ma Jingtian over, who moved across the field and stood in front of them, his forehead drenched in sweat. Running these few laps was nothing to him. The main thing was losing face in front of so many people. That caused him to be in a bad mood.

    Running when angry was exceptionally exhausting.

    “Report! You called me?”

    “This man here was once the captain of the Aviation Special Forces squadron and is visiting our school mainly for all of you who are competing next month. Follow Captain Yu to the training hall and show him the fruits of our training.”

    “Aviation… Special Forces?!” Ma Jingtian’s face instantly lit up brightly. That was the place everyone always admired! It was a dream come true!

    Those in the Air Force were all elites, while the Aviation Special Forces soldiers were the elites of the elites. They were known to be the sharpest knives, the kings of soldiers!

    Normally, someone might mention that secretive place while chatting. However, no one knew what it was really like, as it was just too mysterious.

    Ma Jingtian was so excited that his face flushed red.

    “Report! Ma Jingtian from the Department of Technical Investigations is ready and awaiting your commands!”

    Without smiling, Yu Changmo said with a voice as cold as ice, “I’ll spar with you.”

    The instructor thought about the rumors regarding how the Aviation Special Forces fighting style was different. Hearsay had it that they were required to kill within three strokes. Although he looked forward to having his student receiving some guidance from the legend, he was worried that something terrible might happen. Hence, he smiled and said to Yu Changmo, “Captain Yu, let’s take it one step at a time and stop when it’s good enough. Don’t—”

    “Good enough? Is this an average school? If he can’t even withstand this much, how can he be worthy of this school uniform then?”

    Yu Changmo said this with a blank expression. With just a casual glance, he had the silly young boy breaking out in cold sweat.

    How could it not be familiar? Those words were what Ma Jingtian had used to deride Qianmo. Black returned the exact words to him.

    In the police academy, there was a major in which the students had a 100% rate of joining the police force. And it was Ma Jingtian’s major.

    This major did not select its students based on the college entrance examinations. Instead, they were chosen from the police school’s existing students. They had to wait until their sophomore year, where the best students would be enrolled for further studies. After they graduated, they would directly enter the police force. These students were supreme talents.

    Ma Jingtian was selected based on his excellent results. He was also an influential figure in the school. Amongst his peers, he was considered extremely outstanding. However, compared to Yu Changmo, who had been through life and death situations, he was lacking by a large distance.

    In front of Yu Changmo, Ma Jingtian was just a kid who was still wet behind the ears… And a brat at that!

    The instructor did not know why Captain Yu, who usually kept a low profile, was giving off a murderous aura the first time he met a student. However, the instructor with many years of experience was not someone to be trifled with. He quietly and calmly nudged the waist of his favorite disciple.

    Ma Jingtian turned his head back and peered at him with a look of grievance. His instructor returned him a meaningful glance full of unswerving determination and courage.

    With an ominous premonition, Ma Jingtian followed them into the training hall.

    As the cradle of potential police officers, the training hall was well-equipped with the most advanced tools and gadgets. Ma Jingtian had many doubts in his heart as he trailed behind. He did not understand why such a prominent figure would single him out as soon as he arrived at the school. Furthermore, he could feel Yu Changmo’s unconcealed murderous aura. Ma Jingtian was fearful, but he could not back down.

    Carrying the school’s honor, he could only summon up his courage and brace himself to face the challenge. He looked at this legendary figure before him. Yu Changmo’s looks did not lose out to current popular celebrities, and he was about 1.8meters or more in height. Seeing that he appeared rather skinny, Ma Jingtian wondered how well Yu Changmo could fight and whether he could persist for at least ten minutes when sparring with Yu Changmo.

    Ma Jingtian had been learning mixed martial arts since young and was considered an incredible child. After entering the school and receiving professional training, his skills became even better. Following behind his instructor, they weaved their way through the various training equipment in the training hall before arriving at the boxing ring at the back.

    The ring was specially prepared for martial arts competitions, similar to the standard of a professional competition ring. It looked exactly the same as the boxing rings seen on television. It was five-by-five meters and was surrounded by strong steel wire ropes that could withstand their weight and were encased in rubber hoses. Sauntering over, Yu Changmo casually knocked on the floor mat of the ring.

    There were other students training in the hall. However, nobody suspected anything wrong, thinking that it was just normal, healthy competition.

    Ma Jingtian was calculating his chances of being able to hold out for ten minutes when his eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

    Yu Changmo had taken off his coat, and Ma Jingtian saw the tight-fitting fabric meant for summer seasons wrapping around his strong and bulging muscles.

    Swallowing his saliva, he suddenly realized how ridiculous it was for him to have thought that Yu Changmo was skinny just moments ago.

    He was probably the embodiment of the saying ‘Look slim with clothes on, and muscular without’.

    His sturdy muscle definitions were smooth but not exaggerated and did not make others cringe. If there were girls around, they would probably stare at him with their eyes sparkling like stars. This was perhaps what the smooth muscle definition of the mythical Adonis was like.

    However, Ma Jingtian did not have time to envy his body. He could feel an oppressive aura coming at him.

    Looking at Yu Changmo’s physique, Ma Jingtian’s instructor prayed for his disciple in his heart. Wait, no, a police officer’s only religion was the crest on their cap.

    Ma Jingtian saw that his instructor, who had strong survival instincts, was already looking up at the ceiling and ignoring him. With no other choice, he could only brace himself and start warming up.

    But seeing that Yu Changmo was just standing idly, he could not help but ask, “Don’t you need to warm up?”

    “One hand is enough for me to spar with you. Come up. Let’s end the fight in three minutes.” Yu Changmo adjusted his lower arm. It was then that Ma Jingtian and his instructor saw that his arm was wrapped in a bandage, which meant…

    A vexing feeling of being looked down on rose in his heart.

    Ma Jingtian got up into the ring with indignation. Yu Changmo had also flipped himself inside with one hand. He was still not warming up, though, and simply stood there, staring at Ma Jingtian like he was looking at an ant.

    Filled with youthful vigor, Ma Jingtian retorted, “Captain Yu, if you can’t end the fight within three minutes, what happens then?”

    Yu Chang hooked his finger and said, “I’m a person who separates business and private matters. I will not blame your incompetence on your school and your classmates. Defeating you in three minutes only represents your own incompetence.”

    Although Yu Changmo appeared cold, the moment he opened his mouth, he could criticize someone right down to their soul. Ma Jingtian also had his own pride. Hearing his words, he could no longer hold it in. His face turning red with fury, he shouted, “Let’s start!” before launching himself at Yu Changmo.