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Chapter 429 - The Condition of Marriage!

Medical Master
     Chapter 429 The Condition of Marriage!

    Holy Doctor Chu shook his head.

    As soon as he felt the pulse, his face changed.

    Even he couldn’t cure this kind of injury.

    Xu Miaolin said, “So, I give him a year to reach the level of a highly-skilled doctor and get the qualification to attend the meeting. Then everybody can have a try.”

    “No wonder. It’s possible if everyone comes together and has a try.”

    Holy Doctor Chu nodded knowingly and asked, “So, he has all the gifts you have, and he is better than you?”

    “I have to admit that.”

    Xu Miaolin nodded.


    Holy Doctor Chu suddenly laughed. He looked at Xu Miaolin and said, “Well, if he really becomes a highly-skilled doctor one year later, then I’ll agree with your marriage with Yunyun.”


    Chu Yunyun’s face changed, and she immediately shouted discontentedly.

    She disagreed.

    Because she felt that it was too difficult. It was more difficult than letting Xu Miaolin make a breakthrough to be a holy doctor!

    Although Fang Qiu’s talent was very talented, he was still a freshman, only 17 years old.

    Even one year later, he was only 18 years old.

    A highly-skilled doctor at the age of 18?

    How could this happen?

    “There’s no need to say more.”

    Holy Doctor Chu completely ignored Chu Yunyun’s objection. He waved his hand and looked at Xu Miaolin, waiting for Xu Miaolin’s answer.

    Xu Miaolin asked, “Are you serious?”

    “A real man never goes back on his words!”

    Holy Doctor Chu said proudly, “However, I have a prerequisite.”

    Xu Miaolin asked, “What?”

    “My disciple also participated in the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.”

    Holy Doctor Chu stretched out his hand and pointed at Luo Jie standing beside him. Then, he pointed at Fang Qiu and said, “He also participated in the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition. My prerequisite is that the condition would only come into existence if he should be capable of defeating Luo Jie in the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition. If he can’t win, how can he become a highly-skilled doctor in a year?”

    Before Xu Miaolin opened his mouth, Fang Qiu responded immediately, “Okay.”

    The next moment, Fang Qiu and Luo Jie looked at each other.

    Their eyes were filled with strong fighting desire.

    Seeing that, Xu Miaolin smiled.

    He was confident enough that Fang Qiu would never lose to Luo Jie. He was also confident enough that Fang Qiu would definitely become a highly-skilled doctor one year later.

    Therefore, when Chu Yunyun wanted to say something else, Xu Miaolin quickly grabbed her and shook his head gently, indicating that she should stop talking.


    Chu Yunyun rolled her eyes at Holy Doctor Chu and said expressionlessly, “This is my new disciple, your grand disciple. Her name is Jiang Miaoyu.”

    “Oh,” Holy Doctor Chu answered simply.

    He turned to look at Jiang Miaoyu and asked, “A girl from the Jiang family?”

    Chu Yunyun replied, “Yes.”

    “Come in.”

    Holy Doctor Chu nodded and waved to Jiang Miaoyu. Then he turned around and took a few steps to the right room.

    Jiang Miaoyu did not hesitate and immediately followed him.

    15 minutes later.

    When Jiang Miaoyu came back, her mood changed. She looked ecstatic.

    “Don’t make a fish of one and flesh of another.”

    Looking at Holy Doctor Chu, Xu Miaolin said, “Give Fang Qiu some advice, too.”


    Holy Doctor Chu glared at Xu Miaolin with eyes wide open and said, “Why should I instruct your disciple to beat my disciple?

    “The road of traditional Chinese medicine requires a practitioner to search it by himself. There has never been a highly-skilled doctor or a holy doctor who makes it by receiving teaching only.”

    Speaking of this, Holy Doctor Chu stepped forward and said, “Get out of here, all of you. Don’t disturb my peace here!”

    Then, he closed the door directly.

    Helplessly, the four of them were immediately shown the door.

    “I’ve come here. Are you satisfied?” Xu Miaolin said to Chu Yunyun with boredom, then turned around and left.

    He got in the car.

    Xu Miaolin, who wanted to enjoy the back-row space alone, suddenly found that Chu Yunyun also got in the car and immediately asked, “Aren’t you going back?”

    “Why should I go back?”

    Chu Yunyun snorted and said, “I’ll go wherever you go!”

    Hearing that, Xu Miaolin was helpless.

    Then, the four of them drove back to the Northeast Airport. After returning the car, they immediately bought tickets and went back to Jiangjing.

    The next day, a piece of news spread and refreshed all the students of the School of Chinese Medicine.

    A particularly beautiful female teacher came to school!

    Seeing this notice, all the students of this faculty immediately ran to the teaching building to search for the teacher far away.

    However, after seeing the real person, everyone was dumbfounded.

    Because although the new teacher was gorgeous, her face was too cold, giving people a sense of sternness that made them dare not approach her.

    For a moment, all the students thought that this time there was a very serious teacher. Everyone felt inexplicably expectant but more bitter.

    Because this beautiful teacher was completely different from what they thought.

    Compared to the bitterness of the students, Chen Yinsheng, as the Vice President, was very happy.

    Chu Yunyun was one of the 50 highly-skilled doctors in the country.

    With the addition of such an expert, the strength of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was much stronger!

    Time went back to normal.

    Fang Qiu continued to learn from Xu Miaolin, and Jiang Miaoyu also learned from Chu Yunyun.


    On Sunday, just after breakfast, the phone in Fang Qiu’s trouser pocket suddenly rang when he was ready to go back to the dormitory.

    He took out his phone and took a look.

    It was He Gaoming.


    Fang Qiu answered the phone.

    “Hello, master?”

    He Gaoming shouted and then asked directly, “When on earth do you want your money back? Have you forgotten the money?”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu remembered that the money he got by selling the Earth Treasures was still in He Gaoming’s hand.

    Fang Qiu asked directly, “Where are you? I’ll come to you now.”

    He Gaoming replied, “I am in No.3 VIP room of the tea house next to the snack street outside the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu hung up.

    Then, he put on the mysterious man’s clothes and left school.

    He came to the tea house and entered the room.

    He Gaoming was sitting in front of an ancient tea table, eating and tasting tea.

    “Master, you finally come.”

    Looking up at Fang Qiu, He Gaoming quickly pointed to the seat opposite him and said, “Quick, take a seat.”

    Fang Qiu sat down.

    He Gaoming asked, “Master, have you eaten yet?”

    Then he pointed to the Shumai and steamed dumplings on the table and said, “How about I order a few more trays?”


    Fang Qiu directly reached out his hand.

    “There’s no need to hurry, is there?”

    With a wry smile, He Gaoming took out a bank card from his pocket and said, “The money is all in this card. I have sent the password to your mobile phone.”


    Fang Qiu nodded and asked, “How much in total?”

    “3.7 million.”

    He Gaoming opened his mouth and said, “I only charged the man who you called to buy the Earth Treasure five hundred thousand yuan.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    He knew that the Earth Treasure was definitely not bought for Li Ji himself. There must be someone who needed it.

    Even if he wanted to buy it, he couldn’t afford so much money.

    Fang Qiu put away his bank card.

    He was secretly pleased.

    The 3.7 million, plus the 6 million he had earned previously, Fang Qiu could officially become a multi-millionaire as long as there were another three hundred thousand yuan. He had no reason to be unhappy.

    However, the excitement brought by money only made Fang Qiu’s brain nerves slightly beat.

    “Did something happen in Wulin recently?” Fang Qiu asked in a chatty way.

    He Gaoming answered, “Nothing really happened recently.”

    He then pointed to the food on the table again and said, “Master, don’t you eat anything?”


    Fang Qiu ignored He Gaoming, and after whispering to himself, he asked, “Do you know if there’s anyone who ranks higher than me in the List of Martial Superiors, does all kinds of evil, and is guilty of monstrous crimes?”

    “Hey, there are quite a few people like that.”

    He Gaoming said without thinking, “I thought of one person when you said that.”

    “Who?” Fang Qiu asked immediately.

    “Zu Liancheng.”

    He Gaoming opened his mouth and said, “He is known as “Liancheng, King of Knife” in Jianghu and ranks 802 on the List of Martial Superiors. He’s ten places higher than you, master.”

    “My ranking is 812?”

    Fang Qiu froze.

    He only remembered that he was ranked No. 989. Since then, he had not paid attention to the List of Martial Superiors.

    Unexpectedly, in the twinkling of an eye, his ranking had risen from 989 to 812.

    What was going on here?


    He Gaoming nodded for granted, saying in a proud tone, “Do you remember the old man at Baoyi Auction House? His name is Yin Chen, and he is the famous “Yin Laoguai” in Wulin. He was previously ranked 812, but you beat the shit out of him, so his ranking fell to 813, and your ranking jumped straight to 812.”

    “I see.”

    Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and said, “Tell me more about Zu Liancheng.”


    He Gaoming responded, “According to the information recorded on the List of Martial Superiors, Zu Liancheng is a seventh-class Martial Superior with two pulses. He’s good at using knives, has done all kinds of evil, and has killed dozens of people.”

    “That’s him.”

    Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, “You help me go to the Wulin forum to send a letter of challenge to this person. The reason is that I want to get rid of evil in Jianghu.”


    He Gaoming was shocked.

    He thought that Fang Qiu was going to find someone to fight, but he didn’t expect Fang Qiu to be so high-profile that he wanted to send a letter of challenge on the Wulin forum.

    “Master, are you sure you want to do this?”

    He Gaoming hesitated.


    Fang Qiu nodded without any explanation.

    Although Fang Qiu hadn’t made a breakthrough when he fought at Baoyi Auction House last time, he still had a faint feeling that he was about to make a breakthrough every day when he got up to practice after the battle.

    As a result, he would take the initiative to find an opponent when nothing happened in Wulin.

    In any case, he must reach the point where he could have two flowers in his Dantian before becoming a highly-skilled doctor.

    In other words, he had only one year left.

    Time was tight, and the task was heavy!

    He had to force himself not to stop for a moment. He had to keep moving forward.

    “Okay then.”

    He Gaoming thought about it and said with emotion, “It is a sin to have such a master. You are not in Jianghu, but you want to stir the storm in Jianghu and take me as a tool. Alas…”

    As He Gaoming spoke, he took out his phone and logged into the Wulin forum.

    Of course, he used the account of the mysterious man John Doe.

    “Zu Liancheng, do you dare to have a fight!”

    As soon as the post was released, the Wulin forum was in an uproar.

    Everyone clicked into the post to have a look.