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Chapter 81 - Buying A Present~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 81: Buying A Present~

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    After cursing Qi Shan’s ancestors silently, Ning Meng started to devise a plan to comfort her husband. He had invested 1 billion yuan in the movie, and now, he had also bought 500,000 tickets. And she had had the gall to say “I didn’t beg you to support my movie”. Oh, this was outrageous! Outrageous indeed!

    Ning Meng swiftly zipped down to the kitchen to prepare a bowl of lovely noodles with tomato egg sauce. After that, she carefully brought it upstairs to the study.

    When she arrived at the study, Ning Meng hesitated. She did not know how to approach Huo Beichen without pissing him off any further.

    After a brief moment of thought, she looked at the garden behind her.


    In the study.

    Huo Beichen was feeling quite irritated. Well, who could blame him? No one would feel good after being belittled for extending a helping hand to someone.

    After going through a few documents, he finally calmed down.

    Suddenly, the door creaked open.

    Wagging its tail, Xiao Tiantian came in and licked Huo Beichen’s hand before sitting next to him. Instinctively, Huo Beichen rubbed the dog’s head.

    And then, he saw “that”—a cute little head was peeking from behind the opened door, scouting to see if he was still angry.

    Realizing that Huo Beichen was now a little bit less pissy, Ning Meng brought in her noodles with a sweet smile and put it on his desk.

    “Oh, hubby~ you’re such a generous man! Qi Shan and his gang only supported me with 20,000 tickets each, but you? You’ve helped to pay 1 billion yuan to fund the movie and even bought 500,000 tickets!”

    She then put up her sweetest smile and threw an alluring gaze at him.

    “I could feel your generous and majestic aura all the way from outside of the study earlier! You’re such a great man!”


    How fake.

    Yet, Huo Beichen’s anger had lessened after seeing her. Looking down at his desk, Huo Beichen asked, “So these noodles are your thanks?”

    Ning Meng quickly shook her head, “Oh, no! Preparing noodles for you is a treat for me. It’s an honor to serve you my noodles! In fact, I’ve bought you a present, but it’s still on its way via delivery. I hope you’ll like it.”

    Hearing this, Huo Beichen’s final huff of anger was gone entirely. Noticing that her husband was not angry anymore, Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief.

    She then turned her face toward Xiao Tiantian.

    “Lord Chen, how glad I am that humans don’t have tails.”

    Huo Beichen lifted his eyebrows and looked at Xiao Tiantian.

    Ning Meng continued with her flatteries. “Otherwise, I would be wagging my tail whenever I see you~ Oh, that would be so embarassing~”


    Now that she had comforted the kuudere1… um, no. Now that she had comforted her dear Lord Chen, Ning Meng hopped out of the study, leaving Xiao Tiantian with Huo Beichen.

    Rushing into her bedroom, Ning Meng took out her phone and started browsing Taobao. What present should she get for him? She had to make sure that the present was a heartfelt one. She could not simply buy something that was too expensive or too cheap…

    Ohh, it was so difficult to choose the perfect gift~

    Suddenly, Ning Meng’s eyes fixated on something.


    Su Tiantian was so pissed that she felt that she was about to go crazy.

    The box office results were so drastically different compared to the night before. The difference was so huge that she had even started to question if she was indeed still one of the top idols in the industry!

    Li Yichen was also sitting down with his eyes closed, looking fairly disappointed. His personal assistant could not hold it in anymore and yelled at Su Tiantian, “Mr. Li had already asked you to acquire the rights of ‘Shifting to Mars’ back then, and yet, you kept stalling to the point that it fell into someone else’s lap. He even asked you not to change the release date of ‘The Hero’ but you didn’t listen. Are you happy now?!”

    “They must have manipulated the ticket sales! They must have!” Su Tiantian clenched her fist furiously. “That movie was nothing but trash! It could never have grossed over 1.5 billion in the box office! Brother Chen, you must not be tricked! We’ll wait until tomorrow. We’ll see if they can afford to manipulate the ticket sales every single day! Their number will definitely go down tomorrow!”

    “Okay. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.” Li Yichen sighed.

    Then, nightfall came and went, but this time, Su Tiantian could not sleep a wink at all.

    When the first ray of dawn shone through the window, Su Tiantian leaped out of her bed and dashed to the computer.

    “Brother Chen, they’ll lose! You’ll see!”

    9 am. The box office results were out.

    Number 1—”Shifting to Mars”. 2.8 billion yuan.

    Number 2—”The Hero”. 20 million yuan.