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Chapter 82 - Breaking Box Office Record!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 82: Breaking Box Office Record!

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    “Shifting to Mars” grossed so much money in the box office that it was unbelievable! The other movies that were released in the same season were only able to make, at best, around a few million yuan.

    Staring at her computer screen, Su Tiantian exclaimed in disbelief, “Impossible! This is impossible. There must be some kind of mistake! How could ‘Shifting to Mars’ be this popular? Local sci-fi movies have always been unpopular even amongst the audience within China! How could this be?!”

    A cloud of doubt shrouded her eyes. “I see… it was Mr. Huo. It was him who helped to manipulate the box office number. It must be him! Only he could have done something like this!”

    Seeing that she was still unwilling to admit defeat, Li Yichen coldly retorted, “He already spent over 2 billion yuan to invest in the movie and you’re telling me that he, on top of the investment, spent another 5 billion to purchase and manipulate the ticket sales? So, all the numbers reported by the box office results were all wrong, hmm? These are all the reasons that caused your movie to fail, yes?”

    Hearing this, Su Tiantian became tongue-tied.

    It was quite common for two movies to compete for ticket sales if they were released on the same date. After all, it was quite uncommon for someone to purchase and watch two movies on the same day.

    This was also why she had decided to push the release date earlier for “The Hero”—all to suppress the ticket sales for “Shifting to Mars”. Yet, she did not expect that the tables would be turned in just one day!

    If she had not changed the release date, “The Hero” might still have become one of the highest-grossing films in China, yet now…

    Su Tiantian furiously swept away every document that was on Li Yichen’s desk to the floor.

    “Arghh! It was Ning Meng! This is all Ning Meng’s fault!!”

    While she was throwing a tantrum, Li Yichen took a long look at Su Tiantian.

    He had never seen her like this…

    A feeling a disgust churned in his stomach as he saw what kind of person she had become.


    Everyone thought that “Shifting to Mars” would have reached its peak in performance on the 3rd day. However, its box office result just kept on shooting higher on the 4th day, grossing 3.5 billion yuan in just a day.

    10 days later, “Shifting to Mars” had grossed over 25 billion yuan. Not only that, but its ticket sales were also still going strong and not declining. If it kept on like this, “Shifting to Mars” would break the Chinese box office record!

    Everyone in the industry was amazed! No one had expected this very niched movie to become this popular! Han Meilin’s name had now become a household name in China, and in interviews, she would always say this to the media.

    “Without Ning Meng, ‘Shifting to Mars’ would never have happened.”

    Thus, Ning Meng also went through a rise in popularity. Her Weibo account—the comic artist “Lemon” had now gotten over millions of followers and fans.

    However, Ning Meng did not know that—she seldom logged into Weibo, instead, spending most of her time drawing in her room, working really hard to complete Season 2 of “Lifebloom”.

    Suddenly, her phone vibrated.

    It was Su Ye. He had shared a popular thread on Baidu in their WeChat Group. Opening it up, Ning Meng quickly found out that it was an article badmouthing her.

    The thread detailed the bad relationship she had with Su Tiantian, saying that the latter had always been bullied in the Nings household while Ning Meng was the wicked witch that had tormented her throughout their childhood.

    The hit piece then went on to say that due to Ning Meng being jealous of Su Tiantian’s good looks, she not only gave her a hard time at home, now she had also robbed “Shifting to Mars” from Su Tiantian’s Tianxin Entertainment. It also accused her of shifting the release date of “Shifting to Mars” to be on the same date as “The Hero”, trying to put Su Tiantian to shame.

    Basically, it was a hit piece on Ning Meng, describing Su Tiantian as a Cinderella and Ning Meng as a villainess.

    Naturally, there were a lot of readers who sided with Su Tiantian and started to curse Ning Meng in the thread.

    The members in the WeChat Group began to discuss this issue.

    Qi Shan: [Godd*mnit! I’ll go register an account and flame them! How could they post fake news like this?]

    Seeing this, Ning Meng was moved. Well, just for a second… because…

    Qi Shan: [This stupid woman isn’t rich. She’s ugly and poor AF!]

    Ning Meng: […ahem!]

    Su Ye: [Missus, should we make a complaint, asking for the thread’s deletion?]

    Fei Bai, who had not spoken much in the group, finally typed something as well.

    Fei Bai: [Find out who the real identity of the thread’s OP is.]

    Qi Shan: [Find out then what?]

    Fei Bai: [I’ll kill him.]

    Ning Meng: [??]