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Chapter 751 - The Second Step of Ning Shuqian’s Plan!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 751: The Second Step of Ning Shuqian’s Plan!

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    With a grim expression, Wen Xinya ended the call and looked out of the window at the rose vines that were intertwined around the floral rack. The emerald vines were covered in green leaves and the rosebuds were already starting to form. She reckoned that they would bloom by the end of April.

    Si Yiyan exited the study and noticed that she was frowning and appeared sullen. He asked softly, “What happened?”

    The Wen Family had taken control of Wen Haowen’s affair and everyone in the Wen Family had managed to pull themselves out of it. Although they could not shirk the responsibility completely, they could at least minimize the losses and damages.

    Things had been going well and yet, Wen Xinya still looked glum and upset. He was sure that it must have been because of Ning Shuqian.

    Just like he had expected, she said coldly, “The hospital informed us that Ning Shuqian’s condition has worsened and she’s suffering from voluntary amnesia. The doctor has already verified her diagnosis.”

    Most mental patients would tend to suffer from selective amnesia if their mental condition were to worsen, and it was normal for their brains to block out the events that took place during their relapse. Such conditions were considered to be complex and difficult to treat in the medical field, and the medical equipment could only be used to calculate some arbitrary values. The behaviors of patients would have to be observed in order for them to be diagnosed accurately after an analysis conducted by psychological experts.

    She would never believe that Ning Shuqian was actually suffering from such a condition, for she knew that the latter was an extremely sly person who often got up to scheming tricks.

    Si Yiyan raised his brows, not expecting that Ning Shuqian would pull some tricks again. He said, “Ning Shuqian got too agitated by Wen Haowen’s extramarital affair and as a result, her condition has worsened. Even if the Wen Family has made Yang Ziyu take the rap and allowed Wen Haowen’s name to be cleared, his image has been ruined and his personality is to be questioned. It’s not the right time to get a divorce now. Hence, this is the first step of Ning Shuqian’s plan.”

    Wen Xinya had already thought about that when she first heard about Ning Shuqian’s amnesia. “Her next step is to deceive Wen Haowen and try to manipulate him again. Ning Shuqian may have kept her status for now, but nothing she does will be useful if she still can’t win his heart again.”

    Pretending to suffer from amnesia was the second step of her plan.

    Si Yiyan stared at the sullen expression on her face.

    Wen Xinya continued, “She almost fell out with Wen Haowen several times before. It’s impossible for them to reconcile, but… if she pretends to have lost her memory and make herself seem innocent, Wen Haowen might waver. After all, she has been married to him for over a decade and she definitely understands him well. It won’t be hard for her to win his favor again.”

    Ning Shuqian had again surprised Wen Xinya, whose knowledge about her had deepened again. It was little wonder that there had been so many battles in the harem during ancient times. Ever since history, there would be a war where women were around. Greed, vanity, materialism, and discord were all valid reasons for war and… women would definitely resort to despicable means for the sake of achieving their goals.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Wen Haowen is not an idiot. His extramarital affair caused such an uproar amongst citizens, and even if the attention is on Yang Ziyu now, he’d definitely be suspicious of Ning Shuqian. Besides, he’s not one to own up and take responsibility for his own mistakes. He’d definitely put the blame on Ning Shuqian. It’d be impossible for Ning Shuqian to win Wen Haowen’s heart again. The harder Ning Shuqian tries to win him back, the more beneficial it would be for us.”

    The more she did, the more traces she would leave behind.

    Wen Xinya’s mind became clearer and she instantly understood what he meant. “You’re right, the current circumstances are very advantageous for us. Regardless of whether she’s lost her memory or not, Ning Shuqian doesn’t pose a threat to me at all now. The man behind her is the most important.”

    Si Yiyan had greater foresight than her, though she had deeper thoughts.

    Si Yiyan said, “Exactly.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes glistened and she gazed at Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan smiled calmly and asked, “You missed school for two weeks. Can you catch up with your academics? How’s your body now? How are you coping with your studies?”

    The severe injury in her head required more attention and longer recovery time. Although she had been hospitalized for two weeks, during which she underwent acupuncture, took medicine and nourished her body with tonics, it would be better to take more care of herself.

    Wen Xinya folded her arms and said, “You’ve been helping me with revision previously and Zhong Rufeng has also been giving me lots of tips every now and then. I’ve also been revising the notes that you gave me. I have no problems making progress, but I’ve gotten much lazier and my brain is getting a little foggy too. I reckon I’ll need two days to get used to it.”

    She was telling the truth, though. She had been rather lazy and lethargic throughout her lesson.

    “That’s good. However, the revision for the final year examination is tedious. You’ve just recovered and you must be mindful of your own health. Prioritize your health.” Si Yiyan gazed at her glistening eyes that looked just like beautiful gemstones. They were not as bright or clear during her recuperation. He felt rather relieved to see that she had learned how to make the fullest of each day.

    Wen Xinya nodded fervently like a woodpecker. “Don’t worry! I do take care of my own health.”

    Her wounds were actually healing rather well, and Old Mr. Du had also visited her at the hospital to take her pulse before she got discharged. He was rather pleased with her recovery. Si Yiyan had also made a big deal out of it.

    Si Yiyan pulled her onto the couch and said, “I’ll massage your head. It helps with blood circulation and relaxes your senses. It will relieve the pressure in your head and alleviate your fatigue.”

    During the three years that he lived with Lucifer, he witnessed with his very own eyes, his father’s old subordinates suffering from old ailments which were side effects from their poor recuperation after sustaining wounds.

    Her wounds may have healed, but if she didn’t recuperate properly, she’d suffer from inner injuries and ailments that would really take a toll on her health once she got older. He did not wish for that to happen to her.

    Wen Xinya rested her head on his lap and closed her eyes to enjoy the massage

    There were variations in the amount of pressure that he applied, so as to help her relax. “Si Yiyan, your massage skills have greatly improved.”

    Si Yiyan smiled, though it still seemed cold because of how rarely he smiled. However, his eyes glistened and he was glowing.

    Ever since he experienced the benefits of giving her a good massage, he began trying to refine his massage techniques. He would have a good time if she enjoyed herself…