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Chapter 450 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 26)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     That evening, the sky was dark red like there was some bad omen that was brewing.

    She was lazily lying on the plush carpet, but when she saw the dark red in the sky, there was a sparkle in her eyes.

    Di Luo Feng walked in with a few cherries and said, “There’s no watermelon today.”

    Luo Qing Chen didn’t look over and kept looking at the sky. Di Luo Feng nodded when he saw this and said, “Master sent a letter today, he wants me to go to the Beast Mound tomorrow.”

    She turned her head and her front paws grabbed his leg, as her furry ears trembled.

    Although she couldn’t talk, he understood what she was thinking.

    She wanted to come…...

    After a while, it was like Di Luo Feng understood what she meant as he softly patted her head and said, “Sorry, I can’t bring you.”

    Luo Qing Chen jumped out of his embrace and stomped down hard with her back foot.

    Di Luo Feng looked at her with a pampering look. He picked up the scissors on the side and carefully cut her nails that were a bit long as he softly said, “Relax, nothing will happen!”

    “Peng!” Luo Qing Chen stomped down again.

    A warm look appeared in Di Luo Feng’s eyes as he said with a soft smile, “How good would it be if I could also become a Giant Rabbit.”

    Luo Qing Chen trembled as her breathing became a bit fast.

    Di Luo Feng seemed quite interested in becoming a spirit beast.

    She softly laid down by his side and let him gently cut her nails and brush her hair. She was thinking that she definitely had to go tomorrow.

    It was a pity that she never thought that Di Luo Feng would use a sleeping incense, making her sleep until noon of the next day.

    Beast Mound, how could she get to the Beast Mound. With how she moved now, she might not even reach it in half a month.

    [Host, you have the system! After becoming a Giant Rabbit, it doesn’t mean you can’t use exchange points!]

    Right! System!

    I still have 1900 exchange points, right?

    [Yes, host!]

    I want to exchange for a teleport, right now, immediately!

    [Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken. Successfully exchanged for teleportation (One time use).]

    Luo Qing Chen appeared at the Beast Mound right after that. The sky was dark red and a sinister wind blew, blocking the horizon.

    Di Luo Feng was in the air with the Azure Ink Orb glowing in his hand. The Snow Mastiff by him roared out as the sky changed colours.

    The Beast Mound exploded like a volcano as it shattered in layers from the bottom. The sky darkened and filled with an intense killing intent.

    In an instant, the heavenly beast Emperor Contract broke the barrier. Its rage was incomparably strong and a blood soaked aura covered the Beast Mound.

    He closed his eyes and his Azure Ink Orb filled with light. In an instant, he summoned all the spirit beasts of the Beast Mound to tightly surround the Emperor Contract.

    “Roar!” The Emperor Contract roared as it flew out as smoke without form.

    Countless spirit beasts couldn’t take this powerful force and were forced back/

    Only the Snow Mastiff remained.

    It was covered in blood as it engaged in an intense fight with the ancient heavenly beast.

    Di Luo Feng raised his right hand and called it back as he came forward alone.

    He wasn’t willing to sacrifice this number one divine beast with two masters here.

    That contained her memories…..

    The Emperor Contract felt the blood soaked aura and roared into the sky as it attacked in Di Luo Feng’s direction.

    He knew that without the help of the Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master Luo Qing Chen, he couldn’t seal this heavenly beast.

    He looked up and raised the Azure Ink Orb in his hand, as he muttered with a faint smile on his lips, “I can’t seal you, then I’ll die with you.”

    Luo Qing Chen’s heart trembled, as this scene seemed so familiar.