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Chapter 451 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 27)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     She couldn’t remember how she charged forward, she just knew that when the red and azure light were clashing.

    She stepped off with both feet and jumped in front of Di Luo Feng.

    Flame rained down from the sky and burned when it fell to the ground.

    Di Luo Feng’s hands were trembling as he held the giant rabbit covered in blood. He looked at the blue sky and his heart was as dead as ash.

    How familiar this scene was, it was almost exactly like what she had done three years ago…..

    Luo Qing Chen felt that the instant she charged forward, everything went dark…..

    She could hear his heart rending cries in her ears, “You can’t die, I beg you, please don’t die…..We’ll go back to Other Shore Village, I can be with a rabbit all day, I really am happy…..Come back, alright? Please…..”

    [Ding, affection has increased by ten. Mission completion rate is now 90%.]

    At the same time, the girl in the ice room opened her eyes.

    Her lips curled into a faint smile. All the divine beasts in the cages around her were vigilant, but they didn’t dare move forward.

    The young girl swayed as she walked out of the ice room.

    Everyone in the Di Manor was shocked to see her, they didn’t know who she was or where she came from.

    “When your young master is back, naturally he’ll tell you.” She waved her sleeve as she said this with a faint smile in her eyes, “Prepare something good to eat and wait for the young master to come back.”

    Everyone blankly stared at each other and no one responded.

    “Why aren’t you going yet!” The girl’s eyes turned cold as she roared out in rage.

    When it was evening, Di Luo Feng returned to the Di Manor like a walking corpse.

    He had a blood soaked rabbit in his hands as his eyes were filled with despair.

    Until he saw her sitting in the dining room, the girl wearing the white dress. His eyes completely turned red and he was frozen in place.

    The young girl saw this and quickly came forward to hug him, as she whispered in his ear, “I’m back.”

    Di Luo Feng trembled. He never thought that she would wake up or that the girl in the ice room would ever return to his side.

    But in that moment, he didn’t want to let go of the rabbit in his embrace.

    The girl slightly knit her brows and pursed her lips as she said, “You’re not happy that I’m awake?”

    “I…..” Di Luo Feng raised his hand and his slender finger’s slid across her face, “You….You’re back…..”

    “Un, I’m back!” She nodded with a smile. She awkwardly looked at the rabbit in his hands and said, “This rabbit is no longer important, you can bury it.”

    Di Luo Feng was a bit surprised and after a while, he said, “We’ll talk about it in a few days.”

    Without knowing why, his heart should have been filled with excitement, but he didn’t feel the same joy as he did that day in the ice room.

    He unknowingly hugged the rabbit as a bit of panic filled his eyes.

    The person in front of him was indeed Luo Qing Chen, the person with the same Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master powers as him.

    But why did he feel so strange when he looked at that face that appeared in his dreams every night.

    “Aiya, don’t stand there.” She softly grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s eat first!”

    There was a displeased look that flashed in the girl’s eyes, as Di Luo Feng’s reaction was different than what she imagined.

    Did she underestimate the importance of the person lying in the ice room in Di Luo Feng’s heart or did he see through her?